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Subject:Re: [smu-betas] new members
Date:Sat, 6 Oct 2001 10:41:37 -0700 (PDT)

Brothers of Gamma Omega - My silence is broken! I laughed my tired old ass off this morning reading the e-mails you guys wrote in response to our newest member Justin Loweth, class of 2000. I know I'm getting old, when I have a daughter who also graduated from college with the class of 2000! And she is my second college graduate in the family! I read with interest the observation from "Beek" that our Wooglin Club is comprised of Beta's vintage 1972 to 1978, that makes me apart of that "mystic shrine on high", standup and be counted, brothers of the class of 1972!
" Tox" what is all this crap about Hershey bars; "Dro-w" dead animals parts; no way! The last time " Good Wood" Berry was seen he was still trying to learn how to run the " guard release deep" down Central Expressway. That was in 1975 and he is still running! You guys know that if it were not for all of us crazy bastards in the class of 1972, everyone of you would be model citizens,tea totaliers,and very boring introverts. We brought out the best in all of you!
Now back to Brother Justin, once a Beta - always a Beta! If you can stand us you can stand anything,"sing to thee -Beta Theta Pi". Seriously, Justin's role number is #1,367; I don't remember who number # 367is (I hope not was) but this poor bastard should be our Distinguished Beta " mother of men". I'm feeling a song here somewhere! Anybody have a loving cup around?
Homecoming should be a blast! Have a great time!" Hail to the Beta Theta Pi"! What a catchy tune - God, I love that song! Memories...........
Yours in -kai-
Phil Morrow
# 388
aka - Tuba

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At Homecoming 2000, the BETA TENT had the biggest crowd by far. Stay connected and consider a future homecoming BETA reunion. It's incredible...forget the 20 years in between...everyone just seems to pick it up right where they left off years ago.

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