Enron Mail

Subject:Redeployment Opportunity - 3 minutes of your time
Date:Fri, 20 Jul 2001 12:45:09 -0700 (PDT)


Behind every successful executives career there is at least one break; one time where someone took a chance on them and they proved them right. I am a Sr. Specialist with DealBench. With redeployment looming, I have been told to begin looking within Enron for opportunities. This brings us to this email that I have written you; I am asking you for my chance.

I have a Business degree and 4 years of experience with Deloitte Consulting. I have nearly 8 months of experience with DealBench, acting as the product development manager, strategist, marketer, nearly everything. I am flexible, adaptive, intelligent, and quite possibly the hardest worker you have working for you at Enron. True this is a bold statement, but I firmly believe it and since I've got only a few minutes of your time, I better sell hard! I have no ego. I am, after all, only a Sr. Specialist. I haven't transcended into the Manager/Director level where I have seen others stubbornly think they know everything. I am hungry; I love the business world and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

I would like to propose myself for an executive-trainee program within your office. At other companies, I have seen this tool effectively used to help ambitious individuals learn invaluable business skills. At Deloitte, the program was a year rotation where Senior Consultants would assist the CEO in whatever they could. I know people that have participated and they have all learned much more than they ever dreamed. The learning's that I would get from a year within your office would help me immensely as I work myself toward the upper echelons of management.

Bottom Line:
What's in it for you
1) An excellent member of your team that will help you and your organization succeed
2) An open channel to the perspective of lower levels within your organization
3) More ambition in one person than you thought possible

What's in it for me
1) A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn what it really takes to run a business
2) Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge

I hope that you will take a few minutes of your time to evaluate this idea. I truly believe it can become a powerful learning tool within Enron like it has at other companies, and I would be honored to be the first person to participate. I wasn't sure if I should write this message (your too busy, you don't know me from Adam, blah, blah), but I decided to take a chance. I hope that you will consider taking a chance on me.

Thanks for your time. I have attached my resume for your review.

I hope to hear from you soon,
Zach Streight
713-853-9425 Work
713-504-2308 Mobile