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Subject:Sales Effectiveness Webcast: Register Now!
Date:Tue, 9 Oct 2001 08:59:23 -0700 (PDT)

E] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] If you are a senior sales, sales operations, ma=
rketing, or knowledge management executive you cannot afford to miss this=
Webcast. Join in live with your questions for the experts on how to impro=
ve your sales effectiveness through knowledge sharing, and: [IMAGE] Ram=
p-up new sales professionals faster [IMAGE] Improve close rates [IMAGE] A=
ccelerate sales cycles [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Andy Cohen, Sales & Marketi=
ng Management Magazine, Editorial Director [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Ji=
m Dickie, Insight Technology Group, CRM Analyst and Partner [IMAGE] [IMA=
GE] Lauge Sorensen, IBM, Sales and Distribution Unit, High Performance Se=
lling Group [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Joseph Cothrel, Participate.com, Vice Preside=
nt of Research Participate.com Clients Include: [IMAGE] [IMAGE] [=
IMAGE] [IMAGE] [IMAGE] at www.participate.com/webcast3 =
or call 1-888-270-0127 [IMAGE] [IMAGE] About Participate.com: Partic=
ipate.com drives sales force effectiveness for Global 2000 companies throu=
gh its Participate for Sales? online community software and management ser=
vices. Participate.com's enterprise-grade technology captures experience-b=
ased knowledge and best practices from top sales professionals and puts th=
is information to work for an entire sales force. Participate.com's softw=
are can be deployed independently or integrated into portals, sales force =
automation tools, and other enterprise platforms. The company's clients in=
clude Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and Ace Hardware. [IMAGE] [IMAGE] =
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