Enron Mail

Date:Wed, 15 Aug 2001 12:28:29 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Jeff,
Had a send a note to tell you I'm thinking of you and hope you're well.
Heard the news at work late yesterday (Wednesday). I don't know the details
of this but it was a tough call, I'm sure, and I'm in your corner all the
way. As I've told you, you have made all of us so proud and I love you very
much. I know I'll learn more about all that's transpired but wanted you to
know I'm thinking of you. This has undoubtedly been a period of much
thought, soul searching and reflection.
I'm going to get you up to Alaska, yet. Tried to interest Jeffrey
during our January meeting. The region is just gorgeous! A Chicago Federal
Appeals Court judge, of all people---a gentleman by the name of Frank
Easterbrook---has just in the past 6 months bought the condo unit next to
mine in Girdwood. Had a chance to meet him for the first time when I was up
in June. His brother, Greg, has authored a phenomenal and, perhaps most
remarkably, balanced book on the environment. To have that subject
addressed in a balanced way is an anomaly in this day and age, and yet this
guy has managed to do it. I'm still wading through it in those moments I get
a chance to sit down and actually read a book. 35 beautiful wooded acres
have just come on the market in Girdwood--something I thought would never
happen---and I've made a bid for them. We'll see. Will let you know how
that goes.
Love you, Jeff, and please be safe and well through all of this. Say
hello to Rebecca for me!