Enron Mail

Subject:Team Captains Needed
Date:Tue, 4 Sep 2001 18:29:29 -0700 (PDT)

Heart disease is the number one killer, but great strides have been made in the last fifty years. Dr. DeBakey designed the first revolutionary procedure on his wife's sewing machine, and today, right on CNN, we can see the first human walking around with a completely artificial heart. Many of you know someone who wouldn't be here without these advancements in medical technology.

On Saturday, November 3, Enron and other companies will be joining the American Heart Association for the Heart Walk. The Houston Heart Walk is targeting over $750,000 for continuing the fight against heart disease and for rebuilding the many years of research that were lost as a result of this year's floods.

We are looking for 50 team captains. The primary role of a team captain is to recruit approximately ten walkers. The walkers can be friends, family, business associates outside Enron, or co-workers. The walkers, in turn, solicit sponsors for the walk. As a team captain, you may also walk, of course, and Enron's top walker (from a fundraising perspective) is eligible for two free airline tickets. Additional incentives are currently being developed.

If you are willing to serve as a team captain or a walker, please email or call Sue Wadsworth (713-853-5105) or Melissa Becker (713-853-6641). We look forward to seeing you November 3 and demonstrating Enron's commitment to fighting heart disease.