Enron Mail

Subject:The McKinsey Mind
Cc:ethanr@mindspring.com, mary_glenn@mcgraw-hill.com
Bcc:ethanr@mindspring.com, mary_glenn@mcgraw-hill.com
Date:Tue, 17 Jul 2001 08:41:11 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jeff,

Your assistant suggested that I send an email to discuss what I hope you
will find an intriguing proposition.

I am the co-author of a book entitled The McKinsey Mind - Understanding and
Implementing the Problem-Solving Tools and Management Techniques of the
World's Top Strategic Consulting Firm which is in final stages of editing
and will be published on September 21. The other author is Ethan Rasiel,
who also penned The McKinsey Way in 1999 and the publisher is McGraw-Hill.
We are searching for high level successful executives who may be willing to
skim the manuscript (or read it thoroughly if you see fit) and offer a few
words of support for the cover of the book (which you can send via email).

You are our top choice as you are a McKinsey alumnus who had done an
incredible job after his career at the Firm. We would be honored if you
would consider this request of your fellow alumni. We don't believe it
would take much effort or time on your part, but it would really add in our
effort to get the word out. By the way, the book represents a very positive
view of McKinsey and does not violate any confidentiality agreements.

Given the short time period involved (the published has requested all
endorsements by Friday), we will arrange for a copy of the manuscript to be
sent to you via overnight mail to arrive tomorrow. We recognize that you are
quite busy and would understand if you are unable to work with us. If you
chose not to review this material, could you please just have the copy
properly shredded? Thank you very much for your consideration and potential
help with this exciting project. Ethan and I are big fans of what you have
done at Enron!

Paul N. Friga
Ph.D. Candidate
Strategic Management
The Kenan-Flagler School of Business
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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