Enron Mail

Subject:Treasured Times
Date:Wed, 19 Sep 2001 07:28:49 -0700 (PDT)

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=09=09[IMAGE] =09
[IMAGE] =09 [IMAGE] Dear Jeffrey Skilling, Calyx and Corolla's new f=
all selection of floral, plant and preserved arrangements is quite possibly=
the most excitingly beautiful collection in the world. What we love most =
is each arrangement quietly conveys heartfelt thoughts and emotions in an e=
xquisite manner allowing us to truly treasure the times we have with our de=
ar family and friends. A true expression of beauty and purity can be foun=
d in our Golden Lily Plant (shown right). Its coloring makes this lily - =
a new hybrid developed just last year - a natural for the fall season. Ou=
r Vineyard Bouquet reflects the relaxed, unpretentious hospitality of co=
untryside living. Sunflowers, viking pompom mums, and lacy solidago are ca=
sually presented in a big, rustic brass urn with an antiqued rust finish. =
Our exclusive Pumpkin Patch Basket symbolizes nature's harvest and the =
inspiration of a new season unfolding. We're enchanted with the wonderfu=
lly vibrant bouquets our travels have discovered, including our infamous =
Blue Ribbon Gerbera Daisies and the bold yet beautiful Jungle Mum Bouque=
t . Each illuminates distinction and pays tribute to a special occasion. =
Please view our Sale and Specials pages for limited-time offers. Calyx=
& Corolla =09[IMAGE]=09
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ou do not wish to receive future Calyx & Corolla updates, please reply to =
this email with "REMOVE jskilli@enron.com" as the subject line.=09