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Subject:Vignette, Idiom and ITworld invite you...
Date:Tue, 5 Jun 2001 08:49:44 -0700 (PDT)

[IMAGE] Webcast June 14th @ 2:00PM EDT Click to register: www.i=
tworld.com/itwebcast/idiom_vignette Are you spending too much mo=
ney, and is it taking you too much time to keep your global Web sites up-t=
o-date and in-sync? Are you missing e-business opportunities to increase=
revenues, reach new customers and strengthen your worldwide brands? If =
you answered yes to either of these questions, our webcast is right for y=
ou. Idiom Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of solutions for ente=
rprise globalization, and Vignette, the leading provider of customer-drive=
n Internet applications, have partnered to deliver this webcast to demonst=
rate how you can maximize ROI on your global e-business. This interacti=
ve webcast will provide you with insight on: - Global eBusiness Potential =
- Barriers to Entry - Potential for Global ROI - Best Practices to Attaini=
ng Global ROI - Customer Success Stories If you are involved with as=
sessing and implementing new technologies and feeling the pressure to deli=
ver results, register today for this important event. Register today at=
: www.itworld.com/itwebcast/idiom_vignette =09

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