Enron Mail

Subject:YPO Regional Conference - Additional session
Date:Mon, 30 Jul 2001 07:43:54 -0700 (PDT)


As you know, you are going to be the keynote speaker at this year YPO Regional Conference next September. The organizers are asking us if you will be willing to participate in a "breakout" session right after your speech. The session would be 1 hour 15 minutes long and only a fraction of the 130 couples would participate. Since the topics being presented at the same time are more family oriented ( The Aspen Contemporary Museum of Art, mother- daughter relationships, wealth and family business), Bill and I thought that if you decide to go ahead with this session, you would probably like to talk about a business topic form a personal perspective like how to become a CEO or the characteristics of a leader.

In my opinion, we will not get much extra from this additional session, but since you are involved with the organization, I wanted to check with you before saying that you were not available for an additional session. Please, let me know if you want to participate and what topic would you like to talk about.