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Subject:YPO eNews Issue 17
Date:Mon, 4 Jun 2001 18:00:41 -0700 (PDT)

[IMAGE] [IMAGE] Northwestern Presidents? Seminar Mergers, Acquisitions & Finance Seminar Automotive Aftermarket Industry Roundtable Retail Industry Roundtable Africa Children?s Event YPO Resource in the News Boston 2002 University Audio Program from Sydney University Forum News Inventory Of Skills
[IMAGE] Northwestern Presidents? Seminar, "Leading in the Next Economy"
[IMAGE] Attend Year 2 of YPO?s first year-long education program, the Northwestern Presidents? Seminar, "Leading in the Next Economy." Session dates are scheduled for November 26-29, 2001; January 13-16; March 3-6; and May 2-5, 2002. http://www.myypo.org/northwestern
[IMAGE] Mergers, Acquisitions & Finance Seminar
[IMAGE] Learn the answers to issues affecting your company?s financing choices. Attend the Mergers, Acquisitions & Finance Seminar, October 24-26, 2001. http://www.myypo.org/mergeracquisitionfinance
[IMAGE] Automotive Aftermarket Industry Roundtable
[IMAGE] Learn from industry experts and through peer discussions about consolidation trends, new distribution channels and future distribution trends, remanufacturing and the "new" aftermarket at the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Roundtable, October 26-27, 2001. http://www.myypo.org/automotive
[IMAGE] Retail Industry Roundtable
[IMAGE] Analyze Web-based retailing and future consumer purchasing patterns. Explore retail operation innovations, site selection, winning store formats, merchandising, supply chain management, branding, and human resources at the Retail Industry Roundtable, September 12-14, 2001. http://www.myypo.org/retail
[IMAGE] Africa Children's Event
[IMAGE] Give your children the opportunity of a lifetime at the Africa Children's Event, August 8-13, 2001, in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. The goal is to enhance emotional awareness through encounters with dolphins and whales, sea kayaking, and other team-building activities. This unique regional event is open to YPO children worldwide, ages 14-18, at http://www.myypo.org/africachildrenevent
[IMAGE] YPO Resource in the News
[IMAGE] William J. Burns, U.S. Ambassador to Jordan who served as a resource in Amman at the YPO Jerusalem Experience 2000, is taking a leadership role in the ongoing Israeli?Palestinian peace efforts. For more information on Ambassador Burns, click on http://www.myypo.org/williamburns For a full listing of other YPO resources, check http://www.myypo.org/resources To see videos from the Jerusalem Experience 2000, click on http://www.myypo.org/jerusalemvideos
[IMAGE] Boston 2002 University
[IMAGE] With an unprecedented faculty comprised of Harvard professors, Nobel Prize winners, front-runners in the biotechnology race, analysts from the world's most important financial institutions and futurists from prestigious think-tanks, the Boston 2002 University, April 28 ? May 3, 2002 promises to set an exhilarating new standard for YPO education. Find out what all the buzz is about at http://www.myypo.org/boston
[IMAGE] Audio Program from Sydney University
[IMAGE] Order your Audio Tapes now from the 2001 Sydney University at http://www.penfieldprod.com/ypo/ and check the complete list of YPO tapes.
[IMAGE] Forum News
[IMAGE] Need help starting the new year as a Forum Officer? Job responsibilities, duties and guidelines are available from the most recent Forum Officers' Workshop. http://www.myypo.org/fow
[IMAGE] Inventory of Skills
[IMAGE] Has your chapter appointed an Inventory of Skills officer? To find out what an IOS officer does, click on http://www.myypo.org/ioso and read the IOSO Job Description.
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