Enron Mail

Subject:[smu-betas] Dent's wrath
Date:Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:00:30 -0800 (PST)

Dear Shack,
I appreciate your standing up for me. Dent has always had it in for me
ever since we threw his sorry naked ass into the fecal slime of Turtle Creek
and then dumped him into the middle of the Gamma Phi house during chapter
meeting. What really chapped him was that most of our pledge class was busy
doing the same to Mitch Baddour and Rob Bugh. The only ones we could spare
for Dent were Wilson Jones and Steve Larash. Even so, I think Steve stayed
in the car and let Wilson take care of Dent by himself.
I know Doug Dyer was in my pledge class, you morons. That allusion was
an obscure literary device known as "sarcasm". If you're still confused, I
have a fraternity brother who is also a best-selling author. He might be
able to explain it better (if he can get the creek shit out of his ears).


PS- Space, I would be honored for you to visit me in Nichols Hills anytime.
Don't forget that we have a city ordinance prohibiting pick-up trucks. But
don't worry. If you'll wear your overalls and put a couple of lawnmowers in
the back end, they'll let you right through.

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