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Subject:[smu-betas] Dent weighs in Rocky
Date:Sun, 12 Aug 2001 15:25:36 -0700 (PDT)

Beta Brothers:

I, like many of you, enjoyed many a fatty on the Beta roof back in the
mid-1970s. But unlike Rocky Skilling, my hair did not fall out. It seems,
though, that I am few million short of the daring dynamo who now runs the
fucking world from Houston.

Many snaps for Brother Skilling. I still remember him throwing up in Arends'
shoes. But certainly, that doesn't preclude him from winning Beta's highest

I will be in Dallas the weekend of October 6 and would like to attend the
festivities if it doesn't conflict with the greatest football game on the
planet -- that, of course, being the contest down in the Cotton Bowl between
Bevo and the Mighty National Champs from Norman. You see boys, I am now a
full-blown Okie with a book to prove it. By the way, it's no longer
Texas-OU. It's now OU-Texas.

Now that we are on the subject, I am throwing an awesome bash in Norman at
the Sam Noble Museum on the evening of August 24 to unveil The Undefeated.
No, it's not about the Beta footballers of our junior season, but rather
that 47-game winning streak back in the fifties that made the Sooners world
famous. Berry, Benson, C-Di and Grumbles have confirmed. So that means we
will need bail money. Send lawyers, guns and money -- the shit has hit the

Let me know at jdent@mmcable.com or 405-858-0166.

Again, congrats to Brother Rocky, and get your butts to Oklahoma.

(By the way, Drow, you were slower than a dry creek, but you were Hutch's
favorite and that's why I never got the ball).

Brother Del Dent

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< Boys,
< Brother Skilling is at it yet again. This time from the heartland at
< old 3058 Yale. As you can see, our chapter has decided to overlook
< many, many trips to the roof in the early 70's and bestow a Distinguished
< Beta Award on his ass. I would think that any compromising pictures one
< might have of Brother Skilling would be extremely appropo for this
< I, for one, will be unable to attend due to the Redhead's and my 30th
< reunion in Corpus on that day, but if you have anything young Adrew M
< could use, I'm certain he would appreciate. He's also obviously the
< arrange your presence there, should you be so inclined.
< Yours in -kai-,
< Drow
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< Subject: Beta at SMU
< Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2001 17:47:26 -0700
< Brother Berry,
< Hopefully by now you've received my letter regarding the Distinguished
< Omega Alumni Award. If you haven't, the Gamma Omega Chapter is giving a
< distinguished alumni award to Brother Jeff Skilling. The event will take
< place at the Melrose Hotel in Dallas on October 6th.
< I got your email address from one of Mr. Skilling's secretaries. I'd like
< to make sure that every '75 Beta knows about this event and has the first
< chance to attend, as the space we have is limited.
< In addition, we are looking for any pictures of SMU life in 1975, with a
< focus on Beta life and of course, Mr. Skilling.
< If you can be of any help, that would be great.
< You can reach me at this email address(acarty@mail.smu.edu), or at my home
< telephone number: 214-369-6346.
< Thanks,
< ___kai___
< Andrew Carty
< Beta Theta Pi Alumni Chair
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