Enron Mail

Subject:[smu-betas] Grumbola
Date:Sat, 30 Jun 2001 09:48:49 -0700 (PDT)

At the risk of him saying "It's no big deal fellas", I need to notify
you that Brother John Grumbles, will be undergoing exploratory heart surgery
via the ole catheter up the leg procedure sometime very soon. The Drs. are
telling him he's most likely got a partially clogged artery at the bottom of
his heart and if he does, they will proceed with the angioplasty procedure
at the same time. Dr. Fullerton has already contacted him as have several
of us local guys and I think IT IS A BIG DEAL and I know he would appreciate
a call. The surgery was actually scheduled for a couple of days ago but was
cancelled at the last minute because of a doctor screw up.
His phone number is 972 617-2412. Nothing like a big dose of -kai-when
facing a health problem ya know???? Thanks boys.

Your in -kai-,
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