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Subject:[smu-betas] RE: new members (Justin Loweth)
Date:Tue, 2 Oct 2001 13:44:14 -0700 (PDT)

Brother Betas,
It sounds as if I will be a fresh fish in your established group. I
graduated from SMU in December of 2000 and am currently working in
Houston. I am originally from Houston as I am sure at least a couple
of you are as well.
During my tenure at SMU I served as Treasurer of the Gamma Omega
chapter my sophomore year and then went on to serve as Treasurer and
Secretary of the Interfraternity Council through my junior and senior
years. I now look back on my days as a Beta and wonder what I was
thinking when I decided to graduate. The friendships I made and
times I enjoyed will stay with me through my life.
I am also one of the two co-organizers of what I would like to see
become an annual Beta tradition, the Distinguished Beta Award. An
event held to honor one of our brothers who have distinguished
themselves as exemplary and provide a setting to rekindle old
friendships as well as have a great time. As I am sure some of you
were part of the list of people I called last month to inform you
that the event had been postponed until this upcoming spring, which
has proved to be a blessing in light of the tragic events that
occurred Sept. 11, I would hope that this website may become a forum
to both share ideas on the future of the event and information in
regards to the event.
I hope this provides a good base in giving all of you with a brief
synopsis of who I am and how you may or may not have crossed paths
with me in the past.

Yours in Kai,
Justin Loweth

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At Homecoming 2000, the BETA TENT had the biggest crowd by far. Stay connected and consider a future homecoming BETA reunion. It's incredible...forget the 20 years in between...everyone just seems to pick it up right where they left off years ago.

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