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Subject:[smu-betas] Sad day for Auburn Betas
Date:Tue, 13 Nov 2001 21:01:36 -0800 (PST)

My youngest son Joe, a Beta pledge at Auburn, called me last night to
inform me their chapter's charter has been revoked, effectively ending 34
years of Beta's at Auburn. At a recent costume party, several pledges (Joe
NOT being one of them) decided it would be funny to mock the all black
fraternity on campus by painting their faces black and wearing that frat's
letters. As unbelivable as it seems, that one act set off a chain reaction
in Oxford and the General Secy flew down and, in a two sentence statement,
ended life for the Betas as they once knew it. The incident coincided with
the Delta Sig chapter doing something even more stupid at a separate party
on a separate day where pictures showed up on the internet by their party
photographer of three D Sigs dressed as a black, a KKK clansman and a
Confederate soldier, all looking as if they were trying to hang or shoot the
black. Brilliant huh??? That incident really got the student body in an
uproar and then the Beta deal came to light about the same time and bam,
goodbye Betas.
I only tell the story here because there have been many news coverages
of both events across the country, making the Betas look like they were way
out of line when, in fact, it was pretty harmless and the black fraternity
really was only tremendously upset with the D Sigs. Joe, his pledge
brothers, and the actives are in shock at the severity of the decision by
Oxford and I must admit, so am I. If any of you out there have any ideas on
what to do about it, I certainly would welcome them. Joe was really falling
in love with that chapter and it had a ton of campus leaders in it, much
like Gamma Omega did once upon a time. My feeling is that the chapter
deserved some serious and accountable disciplinary punishments and the
chapter agreed what they did was stupid and in horrible taste, but to
abolish a 34 year old, 120 man chapter for the actions of a few????? I'm
really pissed.

Yours in -kai-,

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