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Subject:eBusiness Solutions - June
Date:Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:04:08 -0700 (PDT)

Issue for: June 2001 Is Your Company Ready to go Mobile? Informat=
ion Anytime, Anywhere. Mobile devices enable an organization to take its t=
raditional computing infrastructure and existing data, and extend it to the=
furthest reaches of its business. Your company can place the information =
and services in the hands of those making critical business decisions and =
serving customers any time, anywhere. No matter where someone works, mobi=
le devices enable them to access the information and services they need to =
get their job done faster with higher quality. Some of the types of appli=
cations deployed on Handheld PCs are: Inventory Management Sales Force Au=
tomation Customer Service Financial Services Healthcare/Medical Visit =
our web site to view two white papers from Microsoft on mobile solutions i=
n the Enterprise. Easily Add Yahoo! E-Commerce to Your Site =
Looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-implement solution? If you are looki=
ng for a low-cost way to add e-commerce to your site, Yahoo! and ESX may ha=
ve a solution for you. Yahoo! Store is a turn-key online storefront. With i=
t you build custom pages to sell your products and then manage your busines=
s with their easy-to-use design tools. The store is hosted on Yahoo!'s secu=
re servers so you can accept orders and process credit card payments online=
, 24 hours a day. You can incorporate Yahoo shopping directly into your exi=
sting site, and your visitors won't even know the difference. Obviously, if=
you have custom requiements or are looking for a more comprehensive solut=
ion, let us do a review of your specific needs. But if you are looking for =
a low cost way to get into true ecommerce fast, Yahoo! Store provides you w=
ith a way to get your products to market and still offer competitive prices=
. ESX has extensive experience in helping small business owners get the=
ir Yahoo Stores set up. Give us a call if you would like more information =
on how we can help you get started. ESX Donated Web Site Desig=
n and Services to the Houston SPCA ESX just launched a new web site devel=
oped for the Houston Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). =
ESX, as a donation to support the non-profit organization, provided an ent=
irely new site including creative design and the technology platform used f=
or content management. ESX developed the new site using our Community Cat=
alyst Platform (Catalyst), a content management tool. Using the Catalyst, =
the SPCA will be able to delegate control over sections of the site to vol=
unteers, who will then be able to easily update the content using a web bro=
wser. Take a look at the new Houston SPCA web Site. Updating Ex=
isting Software Upgrading from DOS to Windows, or Web Enabling Deciding=
to migrate existing software applications to a new platform is a big decis=
ion. However, a lot of benefits are gained from doing it. A web interface =
can give legacy applications a modern graphical interface, deliver them to =
employees' desktops regardless of platform, and grant secure access to dis=
tributed databases across the enterprise. Portions of the programs can be e=
xposed over the Internet, allowing high-value self-service transactions. T=
his lowers the required number of customer service personnel, and adds a ne=
w dimension to the way customers and vendors can interact with your busine=
ss. Elements of your existing software can often be re-used as the foundati=
on for the upgraded solution. Vis it our web site today to find out h=
ow we can help you map your migration path. =09

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