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Subject:eSource Offers Free Access to Analyst Reports and a Research Report
Date:Wed, 5 Sep 2001 15:33:57 -0700 (PDT)

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Due to email problems last week, this message is being re-sent. If this is a duplicate, please disregard.
eSource now offers free
Broker Research and First Call Notes from Intelligence Data. Analyst Reports on Enron, the energy industry, competitors, broadband, and telecom are continually updated and available here.
Obtain password and view reports at http://esource.enron.com/hot_topics.asp
eSource is pleased to offer a valuable report issued by Forrester Research entitled

"Spending Wisely on Private Hubs ".
Issued July, 2001
Valued at $2,000, the report is available for free viewing and download until September 12, 2001,
by all Enron employees and business units.
This report details ways to determine private hub strategy based on the six key drivers of hub payoffs.

Download report at http://esource.enron.com/hot_topics.asp

Visit eSource's Hot Topics page often for more reports, services, announcements and news.

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