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[IMAGE] Venezuela's Chavez approved the new oil law, the country wonder T=
alCual Illustration [IMAGE]Venezuela's 1943 Hydrocarbons Law By Elio Ohep =
PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 11 Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez signed t=
he new oil law. According to Alvaro Silva Venezuela's Energy Minister, Chav=
ez approved the law last Saturday. But the whole waits for its final conten=
t. - sto ry Oil prices soar on confusing report about Russia's output [I=
MAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 10 - sto ry Venezuela's heavy crude p=
uts a question in OPEC compliance [IMAGE] Cerro Negro heavy oil project PET=
ROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 9 - - sto ry Venezuela's union oil workers bac=
k to work after a day long strike, PVDSA gas workers still on strike [IMAG=
E] Venezuela's National Guard at PDVSA's installations By Elio Ohep PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 9 . - sto ry OPEC source: OPEC could cut 1.5 millio=
n bpd from December 1 [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov 9 . - sto ry V=
enezuela's Fedepetrol: Union calls for a 12 hr. strike Friday [IMAGE] By El=
io Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD - Caracas, Nov. 8 - sto ry Venezuela's Silva: New=
royalties policy will be flexible [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD - Ca=
racas, Nov. 8 - sto ry OPEC Secy Genl: OPEC Waiting For Non-OPEC Cooper=
ation [IMAGE]OPEC's Sec. General Ali Rodriguez PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov.=
8 - sto ry U.S. Ambassador back in Venezuela [IMAGE] U.S. ambassador to=
Venezuela Donna Hrinak PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 8 - sto ry Venezuel=
a's PDVSA Gas workers on strike [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caraca=
s, Nov. 8 - sto ry OPEC's Chakib Khelil: Will cut by 1 mln-1.5 mln bpd [I=
MAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 8 - sto ry Venezuela's Chavez: Reite=
rates OPEC's Commitment to price band [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. =
7 - sto ry AES drops bid for Venezuela telecom CANTV [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWO=
RLD Caracas, Nov. 7 - sto ry BBC: Oil industry spray could kill anthrax B=
BC Photo [IMAGE]An anti-anthrax spray would make things easier PETROLEUMWOR=
LD Caracas, Nov. 7 - sto ry Venezuela's oil union FEDEPETROL cancel strik=
e for Tuesday [IMAGE] By Elio Ohep PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 5 - sto ry=
Qatari"s Hamad al-Attiya: Warns against oil 'price war' [IMAGE] PETROLE=
UMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 5 - story Saudi's Naimi: OPEC and Non-OPEC producer=
s consulting to stabilise market [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 5 - s=
tory OPEC's Rodriguez: Chief opens up [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, No=
v. 5 - story [IMAGE] [IMAGE] Venezuelan Hydrocarbons Law Draft A=
Letter to the Venezuelan Ministerial Cabinet by Evanan Romero* - story V=
enezuela's oil compay PDVSA President General Ali Lameda position on the pr=
oposed new Venezuela's hydrocarbons law (spanish) - story CONAPRI'S: Comm=
ents on the Proposed Hydrocarbon Organic Law - story VENAMCHAM: Energy re=
port on the Proposed Hydrocarbon Organic Law - story Petroleumworld oil l=
aw draft - stories This week top ISSUES... Inside, confidential and off =
the record Luis Giusti back in town - story -Nov. 9 Fedecamaras full of=
Surprises-story -Nov. 8 Who is Who - story - Nov. 7 Petro Maturin fiasc=
o - story -Nov. 6 More... To read all ISSUES... articles please click =
here Prices Nov. 09 Update: Oct . 10/12:30 GMT/08:30 ET IPEBrent Sp=
ot 11/09 versus 11/02 $20.12 - .08 WTI Cushing Spot 11/08 versus 11/01=
$ 21.18 +1.00 IPE Brent Futures Front Month 11/09 versus 11/02 $=
21.38 +1.61 WTI Nymex FOB Cushing Front Month 11/09 versus 11/02 $22=
.22 +2.04 Venezuela oil Basket $ 15.42 week Nov.9 vs $ 16.45 prev.w=
eek Opec Crude oil basket $ 18.11 week Nov. 9 vs.$ 18.93 prev.week =
See more information and graphs in : www.petroleumworld.com [IMAGE] =
OPINION MEES: Saudi Arabia rejects accusations of non-compliance with cam=
paign to freeze terrorist funds - Oct.31 - story West at war over terror=
ism - not oil AP Photo [IMAGE] PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 30 - story O=
PINION Oil depletion Sunset for the oil business? - Nov. 8 - story The E=
nron Debacle - Nov. 8 - story The Oil spigot may be closing - Nov. 8 - st=
ory Previous Opinion articles FOCUS-ANALYSIS-RISKWATCH Rival to bu=
y energy trader after dizzying financial Fall - Nov.10- story Russian oil=
changing the Opec game- Nov.8- story Non-Opec to Opec: not this time - =
Nov. 8 - story DJ Special summary of the War on terrorism Nov. 7- story=
Previous focus- analysis-interviews II OPEC summit stories The Sund=
ay's Petroleumworld Opinion Forum: viewpoints in oil & international politi=
cs. Coming home after the journey TalCual Illustration [IMAGE] By Democra=
cy & Development Venezuela Today PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 11 - story =
Previous Sunday opinion forum articles Sunday's Feature 'In Perspective?'=
The Oxford Analytica Weekly Column INTERNATIONAL -- OPEC Quandary PETRO=
LEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. 11 - sto ry Previous articles Saturday's INT=
ERVIEW With Iran's President Mohammad Khatami Angel Franco/The New York Ti=
mes [IMAGE] Iran's President Mohammad Khatami PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Nov. =
10 - sto ry Previous Saturday's interviews EVENTS IADC Underbalanced=
Technology Conference to focus on maximizing production - Oct. 31-story =
Previous Events THEMES THE BOSS Black Gold's Calling Card -Oct. 24 - =
story Previous Themes SOCIAL ROLE OF BUSINESS Building Social Capit=
al SEMINAR PETROLEUMWORLD Caracas, Oct. 28 - story Drilling Contractors=
: IADC Houston Chapter gives $16,000 to NY firefighter family fund - story =
Previous stories ENVIROMENT UN climate talks seek to clear last-min=
ute blockage -Nov .9- story Environment ministers set off on UN climate =
treaty marathon - Nov.7- story TotalFinaElf to be probed over 1999 pollu=
tion disaster - Nov. 6- story Japan denies it set to ratify Kyoto Protoc=
ol - Nov. 6- story Previous stories SAFETY Petrozuata new safety reco=
rd 3 years of secure pumping [IMAGE] Petrozuata pipeline pumping team - No=
v. 4 - story TECNOLOGY The Coming Hydrogen Economy - Nov. 11-story AB=
PROYECTOS e Inspecciones obtuvo la certificaci?n ISO 9002 - Nov. 11-story =
IADC Underbalanced Technology Conference to focus on maximizing producti=
on - Oct. 31- story Previous stories To received PetroleumworldDaily =
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world.com Weekly Review Just to remind you about the best in Venezuel=
a's Petroleumworld.com Our Portal Site changes its information at leas=
t twice a day usually around 12:00-15:00 hrs. and 22:00-24:00 GMT [IMAG=
E] Editor's Mail's Time for Venezuela to corner the oil market -story =
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of the Legal Regime of the Oil Industry in Venezuela Araque Reyna Sos=
a Viso & Pittier [IMAGE] Venezuela Onshore Geotechnical Marine G=
eotechnical Marine Survey [IMAGE] Articles by Francisco Monaldi =
Mas Francisco Monaldi Francisco Monaldi M. Punto deencuentro Punto dede=
sencuentro [IMAGE]10/30/01 Ecologia del Petroestado LE PETIT BISTR=
OT THE JACQUES French Bistrot Caracas Reservations: 266 0321/ 263 8695 =
Happy Hour 5-8 PM /M-F And Le BISTROT Express a culinary experience, for=
your home. Click for menu [IMAGE]Click [IMAGE] The Venezuelan - C=
anadian Chamber of Commerce Presents Dr. Jan Moller M?dico Psicoterapeuta=
especializado en Comportamiento Organizacional & IESA Professor On the su=
bject "El Buen Gerente es Buena Gente" Leadership & Human Quality Hotel =
Tamanaco Nov. 13th 7:30 a.m. R.S.V.P 954 1106/954 1203 nancyperez @canc=
ham.com.ve [IMAGE] AVPG I LEGAL SEMINAR "Labor aspects and the gas=
opening " Caracas Hilton Wednesday Nov. 14 8:00 AM R.S.V.P. Eliana Gu=
ti?rrez, 985.20.08, E-mail: avpg@infoline.wtfe.com [IMAGE] Venezuela's=
Executive Association A Dialog with Luis Giusti Thursday Nov. 15 Fou=
rs Seansons Hotel Caracas 0730- 0930 RSVP AVE 952 9944 aveccs@cantv.ne=
t [IMAGE] =09

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