Enron Mail

Subject:re: flood assistance
Date:Wed, 13 Jun 2001 08:52:49 -0700 (PDT)

thank you for the $1000.
Many of us have suffered thousands of dollars worth of damage in the flood-
i lost my car, and my entire ground floor of my house (sheetrock, hardwood floors,
refrigerator, stove, tile floor in the kitchen, marble around the fireplace, furniture and 9 area rugs (oriental).

What i could really, really use is immediate low interest money-
is there a method in which we can borrow short term money until FEMA comes through?

I have approximately $35,000 worth of damage in my home currently-
They have removed my sheetrock, insultation, and hardwood floors-what's left of my furniture is piled in my garage
I am in the "drying out" process

I could use an interim loan against whatever i could borrow against-
i only have $8,000 in my 401k-but i do have some enron stock-
Could enron loan us money at a low rate against our stock or something for a three month period?

I live in west u-the 500 year flood zone-I did not have flood insurance. Never occured to me that i would need it!
thank you-

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