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Subject:t,h: Eyeforenergy Update
Date:Thu, 8 Nov 2001 10:16:53 -0800 (PST)

This Update follows this week's resoundingly successful Green Convention in
Brussels, which saw many of Europe's most influential players and
policy-makers get together for two days (and nights!) of
information-sharing, meeting and networking. Most of the speakers'
presentations from the event are already available on our website -
unlimited access to these downloads is available for only ?199 at

We also present a white paper courtesy of Kiodex, a technology and services
company providing technology products to facilitate trading and risk
management in commodity markets. Scroll down for more details...

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The Effective Energy Risk Management Program:
Design and Implementation

- EVENTS UPDATE: Free draw for The Business of Fuel Cells for
Stationary Applications, Brussels, Nov 27-28 2001


The Effective Energy Risk Management Program: Design and Implementation


Foreword by Leslie Haines, Editor, Oil and Gas Investor and Joe Fisher,
Senior Editor, Energy Markets

Why To: Hedging Softens the Blow of Skyrocketing Energy Costs
By Jodi Wetsuki
In the first half of the year, it was next to impossible to pick up an
earnings statement that didn't list "rising energy costs" as a major
detriment to the business in question.

When To: Designing an Effective Energy Hedging Program
By R. Martin Chavez
As the derivatives markets have matured, an old debate continues to rage:
should corporations that are exposed to the price of energy hedge their

How To: Putting Your Plan Into Action
By Raj Mahajan and Brett Holleman
This article provides guidance to those companies looking to implement an
energy risk management program.

Overview of the Kiodex Risk Workbench(tm)

You can download this white paper here:


* The Business of Fuel Cells for Stationary Applications
Le Plaza Hotel, Brussels
November 27-28 2001

Our sister company, EyeforFuelCells is giving away a FREE ticket each week
for this groundbreaking European conference in Brussels later this month.
Organisations who will be represented at this event include Gaz de France,
DuPont, Johnson Matthey, Global Thermoelectric, Alstom Ballard, Cogen
Europe, the World Fuel Cell Council, the European Commission, ZeTek Power
Products, Honda Europe Power Equipment, the Royal Military Academy of
Belgium, Chevron Texaco, Metasource, Nuvera Fuel Cells Europe,
Siemens-Westinghouse Power Corp, and many more.

To enter the draw and for more information, please visit:

* EEO Europe: Energy Trading in the New Economy
Amsterdam, 19-21 February 2002

Following up for our sell-out conference in Phoenix, December 2001 that was
attended by over 250 CEO's, senior executives and press, and Energy
Exchanges Online II: Energy Trading in the New Economy USA (September
2001), Eyeforenergy brings you the premier networking and discussion
conference for the energy trading community. Meet, do business and discuss
the big issues over 2 days with the leaders in energy trading in Amsterdam.

To find out more information, including discounts for pre-registration,
speaking, sponsoring and exhibiting opportunities, click here:

* Emissions Trading 2002
Okura Hotel, Amsterdam, 19-21 February 2002

Emissions trading options are ripe for the picking - so how can you make
sure you're ready to profit from GHG? Let's face it - you can't really
afford not to be, especially as the World Bank has estimated demand in the
international GHG trading system to be in the order of US$20 billion per
annum by 2010.

Eyeforenergy is delighted to bring you this event which will focus on how
you can best seize this exciting nwe market opportunity. As ever, the
conference will be driven by the industry leaders in this arena, backed up
by expert advice from those helping the indsutry make the right moves in

Click here for further information:

* Weather Trading 2002
Okura Hotel, Amsterdam, 19-21 February 2002

Today's business is all about risk and how to mitigate it. Weather
derivatives has become one of the key tools industries as wide ranging at
utilities, airlines, and agriculture have at hand to off-set risks
associated with temperature and precipitation. With over 70% of Europe's
companies facing weather-related risk, knowing about the latest advances in
weather trading is a necessity.

Eyeforenergy's latest event will be run in conjunction with our European
online trading conference, Energy Trading in the New Economy, and
Eyeforenergy's Emissions Trading 2002 event, so you can learn about the
latest developments in energy and emissions trading all under one roof.

Click here for further information:


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