Enron Mail

Subject:The Great Portal Payoff
Date:Mon, 14 May 2001 06:14:00 -0700 (PDT)

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Dear Mr Jeffrey K Skilling:

With click-through rates plunging all over the World Wide Web, conventional
wisdom says that Internet portals no longer have a legitimate place in
consumer marketing plans.

An exclusive analysis by Booz-Allen & Hamilton, however, paints an entirely
different picture. True...the role of portals has changed, but the change
has made them even more potent than before. Instead of mere gateways,
portals are centers of content and commerce that draw audiences in the same
way that large-circulation magazines and successful TV networks do.

Major changes are taking place in terms of banner advertising, search engine
use, per-click pricing, and the way business is done on the Internet. But
the truly amazing aspect of all this is that portals are still changing.
First they were gateways, now they are destinations...what will the next
phase be? And what will it mean to you?

To find the answers to those questions, I suggest that you carefully read
"The Great Portal Payoff" by Horacio D. Rozanski and Gerry Bollman in the
upcoming issue of strategy+business.

When you do, you will see why strategy+business is so eagerly awaited by the
select group of influential senior executives to whom we regularly send
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Will Lippincott