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Subject:RE: Lunch with your Dad
Date:Thu, 28 Sep 2000 07:51:00 -0700 (PDT)

Kristin, I have it on the calendar for Friday, October 13. I also left
Friday, November 10 on the calendar, too. I'll check with him about meeting
you vs. picking you up and let you know what he says. Hope your having a
good day - see you Saturday night. SRS

"Skilling, Kristin" <kskilling@EHSHOUSTON.ORG< on 09/28/2000 02:41:08 PM
To: "'Jeff.Skilling@enron.com'" <Jeff.Skilling@enron.com<

Subject: RE: Lunch with your Dad

i tihnk that fridays would be the best. So that friday the 13th would work.
I get out of class at 11:55 so if he wants to pick me up or i will meet hi
somewhere...it doesn't really matter to me. Just email me back and let me
know what he wants to do

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Subject: Lunch with your Dad
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Hi, Kristin. Your Dad asked me to get in touch with you to see about
setting up some lunches for the two of you. He's traveling quite a bit
again in October, but I'll give you the dates he's available and you tell
me which of those days you can do it:

Friday, October 13
Monday, October 16
Thursday, October 19
Thursday, October 26
Wednesday, November 1
Monday, November 6
Friday, November 10
Monday, November 13
Tuesday, November 14.

I'll hold all of these dates for you until I hear back from you. Would you
be able to go at 12:00 noon? SRS