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Subject:RE: Silicon Energy Org Chart
Date:Thu, 25 May 2000 02:48:00 -0700 (PDT)


Jeff's response to this inquiry is:

"No - just a social visit - he seems to be trying to make it soound like
something very different."

Hope this helps - call if you need clarification. Thanks, SRS

Kevin Kuykendall@ECT
05/23/2000 04:56 PM
To: Jeff Skilling/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: RE: Silicon Energy Org Chart


We spent quite a bit of time over the past several months discussing a
possible minority investment of about $5MM in Silicon Energy. We have broken
off those discussions because (1) their proposed pre-money valuation of
$150MM was, in our opinion, excessive, and (2) our people at EES, who would
be the primary users of Silicon Energy, were not happy with Silicon Energy's

With this in mind, have you had discussions with John which we should know
about or which would help give us strategic direction?

Kevin W. Kuykendall

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"Woolard, John" <john@SiliconEnergy.com< on 05/10/2000 10:49:14 AM
To: Kevin.Kuykendall@enron.com

Subject: RE: Silicon Energy Org Chart

Just spent 2 days in Mexico with Jeff Skilling - we might finally get things
moving with Enron.? He gets our message and is not happy that internal IT is
slowing down progress...? JW

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Sounds like everything's still on track for you, which is excellent.? We
have not done anything with Tridium.? As for their management issues, as
with any small company they have some holes they need to fill.
Nevertheless, we're pretty comfortable with their overall team.

Good luck with your continued progress.? I definitely look forward to
receiving occasional updates.? We still may have reason to join up in the


Kevin - we will be releasing the names of the primary investors in our
Series D round in a press release shortly and will make sure it gets to
you.? We are talking to a few banks and are still on track for a 4
(superscript: th) quarter IPO, although they are trying to get us to
register sooner.? The Carrier partnership is fantastic - we already have a
few new customers on the utility side for the residential curtailment
program.? Hope all is well at Enron - did you guys ever do anything with
Tridium?? Have they solved their management issues??? JW

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???? John,

???? I just wanted to touch base and catch up on any recent developments.
???? Assuming that your round has closed, who are the primary investors?
???? What
???? is your current schedule for an IPO?

???? Also, I read a press release a few days ago regarding your partnership
???? with
???? Carrier.? It was quite interesting, especially after having talked
???? with you
???? regarding that project during my visit to your headquarters.

???? Thanks,
???? KK