Enron Mail

Subject:Re: African Safari
Date:Wed, 12 Apr 2000 05:07:00 -0700 (PDT)

Hi, Mark. Hope you enjoyed Italy - I was in Capri and Positano a couple of
weeks ago and loved it!

Jeff asked me to write you to see if the plan he is hatching will work for

He and Jeffrey will fly into Istanbul, arriving on June 24 (he asked me to
see if you knew the name of the hotel on the Bosporus - sp?) They would stay
there until about the 28th or so, then the three of you would head to Nairobi
and stay at a few places. Jeff mentioned Mt. Kenya Safari Club and another
place I can't even begin to spell or pronounce, but I'll figure that out

You will need to be in Kilimanjaro for the safari on July 4. The rough
sketch of the safari is as follows:

7/4 Arrive Kilimanjaro; overnight (O/N) at the Polo Club
7/5 Charter flight to Ngorongoro (fly over Mt. Kilimanjaro); O/N at
Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
7/6 Ngorongoro Crater tour; O/N at Crater Lodge
7/7 Drive to Monduli GCA; O/N Monduli TGTS camp
7/8 Hiking in Monduli; O/N Monduli TGTS camp
7/9 Flight to Kirawira, western Serengeti; O/N Kirawira tented camp
7/10 Western Serengeti; O/N Kirawira tented camp
7/11 Flight to Rubondo Island; O/N Rubondo Island camp
7/12 Nile Perch fishing at Lake Victoria; O/N Rubondo Island camp
7/13 Nile Perch fishing at Lake Victoria; O/N Rubondo Island camp
7/14 Charter flight to Arusha; depart later that evening for the States/Turkey

Hope it sounds good to you. Please let me know and I'll begin making flight
arrangements, etc...I'm also collecting all the information with regard to
required Visas and innoculations (there is a long list!); I'll pass that on
when I receive it.

I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a long weekend, so will be in touch
again early next week.

Take care, SRS