Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Enron Online Bid/Ask spread question
Date:Tue, 3 Oct 2000 05:41:00 -0700 (PDT)

Dear David,

Jeff will see your e-mail later today and will respond to your first question
as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'm attaching Jeff's current bio in
response to your second question.

Sherri Sera
Assistant to Jeff Skilling
713.646.8381 (fax)

David V. Porter@EES
10/03/2000 12:10 PM
To: Jeff Skilling/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: Enron Online Bid/Ask spread question

Hello Jeff,

I submitted a question that didn't get answered at the meeting. I was
hoping you could respond.

We routinely see citizens of a country hold an "inferior" currency despite
the presence of superior alternatives. The incumbent currency has a smaller
bid/ask spread, and a network externality locks-in the inferior currency.
Volume creates lower spreads and lower spreads in turn attract more volume,
conferring a monopoly status on the incumbent currency.

Do you think that Enron Online is taking advantage of a similar network
externality? How do our bid/ask spreads compare to the alternatives
available to our competitors? Do we stand willing to match our competitors

A final note: I was curious to learn what you did to become so successful.
Is there a place where your biography or resume is posted?

Thanks in advance,

David Porter.