Enron Mail

Subject:Re: Seminar on Energy Industry Restructuring
Date:Thu, 30 Dec 1999 03:19:00 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Knapp,

Thank you for your invitation to Mr. Skilling to speak at the March 22, 2000,
Energy Industry Restructuring seminar in Paris. Unfortunately, Mr.
Skilling's schedule does not allow him to participate.

Sherri Reinartz-Sera
Assistant to Mr. Skilling
713.646.8381 (fax)

"KNAPP David, IEA/OME" <David.KNAPP@iea.org< on 12/20/99 12:28:07 PM
To: Jeff Skilling/Corp/Enron@ENRON

Subject: Seminar on Energy Industry Restructuring


The International Energy Agency would like to invite you to speak at a
one-day Seminar on Energy Industry Restructuring to be held on 22 March 2000
here in Paris. Enron's unique position in the global gas and electricity
businesses and your personal role in bringing that about would be of great
interest to the audience.

The audience will be composed of senior government officials from IEA member
countries who serve as delegates to three of our "Standing Groups" (i.e.,
oversight committees); the Standing Group on the Oil Market, the Standing
Group on Emergency Questions and the Standing Group on the Long-Term.
Chatham House rules will apply (no attribution without permission, no press,
open exchange of ideas).

If your schedule and inclination permits, we would like you to speak for
about 25-35 minutes on corporate objectives and strategies, your experiences
to date and any general plans for the future (that you are permitted to
discuss), with a focus on the gas and electric industries. Case studies of
particular business developments would be of special interest.

The presentation would be in the second panel of the morning on "Sectoral
Aspects of Energy M&A Activities from a Company Perspective". The 2-hour
session would start at around 11AM and would include two other speakers
from Europe covering oil; Michel de Fabiani (President of BP France and
chief architect of the BP-Mobl downstream joint venture), who has
tentatively accepted and electricity; M. Saab, Head of Planning for EdF, who
has been invited, but is checking his schedule.

We are attempting to line up senior officials from the FTC, the EU
Competition Authority and a Japanese energy industry authority for an early
afternoon session to discuss "Public Policy Implications of Energy M&A
Activity". You might find some useful insights into the possibly disparate
regulatory mentalities in these three regions.

I would be pleased to send you a complete working agenda for the meeting and
a formal invitation letter.

Please give my best regards to Ken Lay.


P.S. You may remember me from the days I was running the Energy Group and
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. in the 1980s, and for part of the time
following Enron. I am now Head of the Oil Industry and Markets Division at
IEA and Editor of the IEA Monthly Oil Market Report. I hope your schedule
will allow you to come to Paris.