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Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 03:26:00 -0800 (PST)

Dorie, I have to question the effectiveness of this program. Over the years,
it appears that more spots are being filled by Enron people then customers.
The effectiveness of this forum from a customer point of view is
questionable. I vote to kill it.

Please forgive the approach - but I would like to provoke a discussion with
my partners.

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From: Dorie Hitchcock 11/30/2000 06:40 AM

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Winter is just around the corner and the new ski season will be opening
soon. Please review the proposed information below, regarding the
ENA/EGM/EIM Customer Ski Program, to help us determine what our needs will be
for the 2001 season.

Location: Beaver Creek, Colorado
Preliminary Dates: February 21 - March 14, 2001
Approximate Cost Per Person: $2,600 (based on 82 participants)

The preliminary dates have been divided into 6 trips:
Trip 1 Wed, February 21 - Sat, February 24 11
Trip 2 Sun, February 25 - Wed, February 28 17
Trip 3 Wed, February 28 - Sat, March 3 13
Trip 4 Sun, March 4 - Wed, March 7 13
Trip 5 Wed, March 7 - Sat, March 10 13
Trip 6 Sun, March 11 - Wed, March 14 15

The program cost per person includes:
? Four days/three nights accommodations in luxurious private homes in the
premier Holden Road/Borders Road area of Beaver Creek with daily maid service
? Animated invitation with on-line registration
? Round-trip airport ground transportation
? Experienced property hosts
? Daily lift tickets and ski instruction
? Ski equipment rental
? Catered dinner two nights
? Catered breakfast daily
? Off-site dinner coordination
? Alternate activity coordination
? Private vans at each house
? One massage with experienced in-house massage therapists
? Enron promotional gift item
? Pre-program administration and coordination
? On-site operation

If you are interested in participating in the 2001 ski program, please submit
an email request to me no later than Friday, December 8th, including the
following information:
Number of People
Choice of Dates (1st, 2nd & 3rd)
Company #
RC #

The week of December 11th, all requests will be compiled for review and final

Questions should be directed to my attention at (713) 853-6978.