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Subject:BW Economic Briefing - June 27-29 - San Diego
Date:Tue, 15 May 2001 18:52:00 -0700 (PDT)

Given the current economic climate, BusinessWeek will gather leading economic
editors and advisors to give a special briefing at our upcoming Breakthrough
executive event, taking place June 27-29, 2001 at the Rancho Bernardo Inn,
San Diego, California.

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Entitled "The New Economy Downturn," this briefing will feature a keynote
address from BusinessWeek Economics Editor and author of the best-seller,
"The Coming Internet Depression," Michael Mandel. Mandel will also lead an
exclusive, closed-door roundtable discussion among BusinessWeek's top editors:

- BusinessWeek Washington Editor Lee Walczak will tell us why Washington
hasn't panicked over the downturn and offer a prediction of future action by
the Fed, the Hill, and the White House

- Senior L.A. Correspondent Chris Palmeri will assess the impact on the
California economy and its energy crisis in the context of the downturn.

- BusinessWeek Online's "Street Wise" columnist Margaret Popper will share
her insights on how the Street may respond in these uncertain times.

Together, these editors (and others to be confirmed) will offer Breakthrough
delegates access to the best economic intelligence available and facilitate a
candid dialogue on the most pressing issues on every chief executive's mind.

***** Qualified BusinessWeek subscribers are entitled to a preferred
participation fee ($2500, standard fee is $3250) at Breakthrough, which will
convene a small group of senior executives (vice presidents and above) to
discuss breakthrough ideas in business leadership. To participate, please
complete the registration application at
Please use the code BT-BWS to indicate your subscriber status.*****

The economic briefing is only one of the diverse topics being examined at the
conference. BusinessWeek's goal in convening Breakthrough is to create a
setting where there can be meaningful discussion on the fundamental changes
that are occurring in the business environment. Through intense interaction
among delegates, we hope to facilitate a meaningful discourse on the trends,
theories and technologies that underlie today's key corporate issues.

Facilitated by an elite faculty of thought leaders, the discourse will be
structured around these five issues:

- The Changing Rules of Leadership and The Evolving Qualities of Leaders
- Continuous Supply-Chain Funding and Precision Demand Forecasting
- Globalization, Technology, and the "Trusted Identity"
- Pervasive Computing and the Proliferation of Wireless Technologies
- Customer Ascendancy

The retreat's co-founder and provocateur, Jim Taylor, has been named one of
America's leading business futurists by the Wall Street Journal. The former
head of global marketing for Gateway, he has served as a consultant and
strategist to firms at the forefront of the New Economy, and has written and
spoken extensively on the sweeping changes technology has wrought on our
corporate, political, and cultural systems. His books, The 500 Year Delta and
The Visionary's Handbook, co-written with Watts Wacker, are widely regarded
as indispensable reads for forward-thinking executives.

Joining Jim, the retreat's esteemed faculty will include:

- Deepak Chopra, M.D., Founder, The Chopra Center for Well Being
- Dr. Ronald Heifetz, Co-director, The Center for Public Leadership, John F.
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
- Sandy Kemper, Founder and CEO, eScout
- Suzanne D. Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
- Michel Mayer, General Manager, Pervasive Computing Group, IBM Corporation
- Jonathan Nelson, Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman, the Organic Institute
- Will Rodgers, Principal, SHR Perceptual Management
- Geoffrey S. L. Shaw, President, CEO, Chairman and Co-founder, Global
Commerce Systems
- Guy S. Tallent, President and CEO of Identrus
- J. Craig Venter, Ph.D.. President and Chief Scientific Officer, Celera
Genomics Corporation
- Stephen G. Vetter, President, Eureka Communities

In a unique teamwork exercise, four-time America's Cup Champion Dennis Conner
and members of his "Stars and Stripes" crew will lead Breakthrough delegates
on a sailing regatta in San Diego Harbor. Ten boats manned by Breakthrough
executives will engage in an Olympic style sailboat race in the San Diego
Harbor. The boats will serve as tools in this exercise designed to explore
the new realities of leadership, competition, and teamwork in the new
economy. The race is serious but the lesson (and the fun) will be invaluable.

Interested parties are encouraged to apply asap as capacity is limited to 100
executives and few spaces remain. For complete details on Breakthrough's
agenda and speakers, please visit

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