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Subject:Before you buy a new laptop - read this!
Date:Wed, 30 May 2001 13:26:00 -0700 (PDT)



MAY 2001=20


Dear Greg,=20

Why spend an average of $2,500 on a new laptop when you can upgrade your=20
existing laptop to today's standards for as little as $630?=20

With today's unstable economy and the ever-rising cost of living, everyone =
looking for ways to get more out of the things they already own. And it's n=
different with your laptop. At iGo, we have everything you need to upgrade=
your laptop and bring it up to today's high-performance standards. From=20
industry-leading, high-capacity batteriesand chargersto powerful hard drive=
and memory upgrades, you'll find everything you need for your laptop at a=
savings that can't be beat. =20

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average of $1,500 at the same time! =20


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Introducing the new, full color Palm m505 - just $449.99 =20
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green rule


Today's average laptop with 128MB RAM and a 10GB Hard Drive costs=20
approximately $2,500. If you currently own a laptop purchased 3-4 years ago=
it probably has around 64MB RAM and a hard drive with 4GB or less. Rather=
than spending $2,500 on a new system, you can upgrade your existing laptop =
today's standards - all at iGo, and for much less. Here's how: =20

Add 64MB RAM $280 =20
Memory (RAM) allows you to run more applications at the same time on your=
laptop - crucial if you're giving a presentation and need to run PowerPoint=
graphics software and a web browser all at once!=20

Increase storage space to 10GB $350 =20
Don't run out of room on skimpy hard drives - make sure that you have ample=
space for all your important files, applications and documents, by adding=
storage space to your laptop's internal hard drive.=20

TOTAL: Approximately $630=20
Less than 25% the average price of a brand new laptop! =20

But it doesn't stop there=01(at iGo, we offer one of the industry's largest=
sources of laptop accessories so you can further maximize the performance o=
your laptop with an array of gear. Items such as auto/in-flight adapters,=
modem cables, high performance batteriesand travel accessorieshelp keep you=
powered up and connected wherever you go - while on the road, in the air, a=
a hotel or at a client site. =20

Shop with us today, and get maximum performance with a minimum investment!=

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