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=09=09 Recruiting Q?with Corning's Rich Kisiel=20
=09=09The staffing chief discusses how the optical-products giant ensures t=
hat its=20
engineer-managers relate with people as well as with machines. Here's an=20
excerpt: =20
=09=09Q: What will make a manager succeed at Corning?
=09=09A: Let's say you know how to manage a [research and development] envi=
The first thing that always comes to mind is your ability to work with=20
people. Again, that goes back to the culture. We want people who are invest=
in people, who are sincere about diversity and developing their staffs. =20
=09=09Q: How do you get at those skills when interviewing applicants?
=09=09A: If I get a manager from another company, I might ask what their=20
involvement has been in diversity initiatives. I would ask them to outline=
their efforts around performance management. Time and again, you'll get=20
someone who has been extremely successful in managing a technical group, bu=
you get the sense that they're going to do that at the cost of some=20
employees. That's not something Corning is supportive of....=20
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=09=09 From Super Bowl to Startups=20
=09=09St. Louis Rams' Dick Vermeil talks about his new career as a VC coach=
women and minority entrepreneurs. He discusses what he brings to his new=20
role: "My greatest strength has always been in the leadership role --=20
bringing people together, collecting their energy, stimulating that energy,=
and then focusing it in the direction that can best help us win."
=09=09 FULL VERSION =20
=09=09 Unseasonable Demand for Wall Street's High Rollers
=09=09 The rash of mergers is making bankers jumpy, and companies offering =
to buy=20
out their yearend bonuses make the leap easy=20
=09=09 As Leaders, Women Rule
=09=09 New studies find that female managers outshine their male counterpar=
ts in=20
almost every measure=20
=09=09 A Landmark Case for Mandatory Arbitration
=09=09 The Supreme Court will determine if employers can force workers to =
away their right to litigation =20
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landing the perfect job, negotiating raises, and other workplace-related=
topics Here are some samples of recent messages:
=09=09Stung by a Queen Bee?
=09=09From: JENGILL
=09=09To: ALL
=09=09Have you ever been stung by a Queen Bee -- a woman who has reached th=
executive level in her company and then tries to thwart other women from=
invading her turf? How did you handle the situation?
=09=09From: SHIZ101
=09=09To: ALL
=09=09I was stung by the Queen Bee early in my career. I started with a For=
tune =20
100 company in the HR department to get my foot in the door, but knew right=
away that I didn't like my position. A few of the alliances I built in the =
company said they would request a tranfer to their department on my behalf,=
but it had to be cleared with my supervisor first. =20
=09=09Well, she told me that for the position I wanted I would have to go =
move than five salary ranges (even though it would have been a lateral=20
transfer,) and she asked me "what rush was I in?" since it took her over 1=
years to move through the ranks. When I told her I was on a five-year plan=
and not a 12-year plan, she told me she simply would not approve my=20
transfer. =20
=09=09Well, I was released from that company and it was the best thing that=
happened to me. That experience taught me ultimately I didn't want to be=
with a company where I would professionally stifled and personally =20
challenged for trying to better myself.=20
=09=09MBAs and an International Career
=09=09From: TINA1110
=09=09To: ALL
=09=09I am currently applying for enrollment in MBA programs for the fall o=
f 2001.=20
I am trying to define my career goals: I'm interested in Finance and its=
role in investing in emerging markets, etc. Many graduate programs offer=
joint programs (MBA with Master in International Affairs, or with Masters =
Foreign Service). I have read in some resources that the second degree isn=
always very beneficial. Any opinions on whether the second degree is=20
worthwhile in this situation? Thanks!=20
=09=09From: IKABOGA
=09=09To: TINA1110
=09=09I think you are heading in a right direction.... For career advanceme=
nt they=20
always look at your education. I have just graduated this past summer with=
MBA in Finance and MIS (E-commerce), but the jobs I have been interviewing =
are way beyond my expectation, i.e this past week, I interviewed with a=20
company in the Southwest for Chief Technology Officer/VP. I strongly =20
believe, because I had an MBA. =20
=09=09The direction you are going you definitely need a postgraduate degree=
. I=20
know foreign services and international agencies very well -- those are th=
circles I grew in.... They normally pay you more for graduate degree in UN=
agencies, in the World Bank/IMF where I know many people.... They do not=
even look at your resume without a second degree or PHD. So I wonder why=
would someone tell you that it does not always help. Stick to your instinc=
you will do well. And good luck with your plans. Two years will just fly.
=09=09 =20
=09=09 =0F=07 A director of customer service for a network-technology compa=
ny in the=20
Silicon Valley area. Salary: $150K
=09=09=0F=07 A vice-president for sales for an entertainment corporation in=
CT. Salary: $175K
=09=09=0F=07 A human resources manager for a integrated-banking-systems dev=
eloper in the=20
Boston area. Salary: $115K
=09=09=0F=07 A vice-president for sales for an online-communications provid=
er in the=20
Silicon Valley area. Salary: $175K=20
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=09=09=09=09 =0F=07 Unseasonable Demand for Wall Street's High Rollers
=09=09=09=09 =0F=07 As Leaders, Women Rule
=09=09=09=09 =0F=07 A Landmark Case for Mandatory Arbitration
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