Enron Mail

Subject:Conflict of Interest Policy Mailing to Vendors
Date:Sun, 12 Nov 2000 13:07:00 -0800 (PST)

Attached is a copy of a letter which we are sending to our Corporate, Enron=
North America Corp., Enron Energy Services Operations, Inc., Enron Broadban=
Services, Inc., Enron Net Works, LLC, Enron Engineering and Construction=20
Company, EGEP Services, Inc., Enron Transportation Services Company, Enron=
Property Services Company, and Portland General Electric Company vendors as=
an additional step toward implementing our commitment to conduct our busine=
affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

We are sending you a copy of this letter so that you will be aware that you=
vendors will be receiving this letter and so that you will be reminded that=
Enron does enlist the cooperation of its vendors in adhering to its Busines=
Ethics Policy. =20

We appreciate your efforts in contributing to an Enron work environment of=
which we can all be proud.


November ____, 2000

rCity_ rState_ rZip_

Dear Sir or Madam :

Enron Corp. (=01&Enron=018) believes in conducting its business affairs in=
accordance with the highest ethical standards. Accordingly, employees of=
Enron and its subsidiaries are required to comply with Enron's Business=20
Ethics Policy which requires an employee to conduct himself/herself in a=20
manner which is not detrimental to the best interests of Enron and which do=
not bring to the employee financial gain separately derived as a direct=20
consequence of his/her employment with Enron. Further, Enron's Business=20
Ethics Policy states that no lavish entertainment or gifts are to be given =
received by Enron employees for special position, price, or privilege.

Not only is it incumbent upon our employees to follow this policy, but you=
cooperation in respecting these standards is also critical. Enron expects=
each of its vendors and contractors to maintain adequate records that=20
document its work relationship with Enron. Enron's auditing department wil=
routinely conduct business ethics compliance audits of certain vendors and=
contractors with whom Enron does business. Your recognition of our ethical=
standards allows Enron employees to work with you via arm's length=20
transactions and avoids potentially embarrassing and unethical situations. =
If you ever become aware of variances from our policy, please advise:

James V. Derrick, Jr.
Executive Vice President
and General Counsel
(713) 853-5550=09or report
=09to:=09Enron Compliance Officer
=09=09Conduct of Business Affairs
=09=09PO Box 1188
=09=09Houston, Texas 77251-1188
=09=09the anonymous telephone line:
=09=09(713) 853-7294
=09=09the anonymous e-mail address:

Your business relationship is important to us, and we look forward to=20
maintaining that relationship with you.

Very truly yours,