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Subject:Cuiaba I Team
Date:Thu, 30 Nov 2000 07:16:00 -0800 (PST)

Rebecca, if you wouldn't mind I would like to sit in on the Monday meeting.
I think that Mariella from what I have seen and heard is very capable. I
strongly believe that we need to put a dedicated (with fresh eyes) SWAT team
on this one that has control of the complete commercial, technical and
financial aspects of this project. This is the only way to be effective.
Whether it is with you or me or both, I am indifferent

I would like to ensure that Kishkill, Wiggs, Gonzales and Alberquerque are
not buried in this project given other goals and objectives.



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11/29/2000 07:52 AM
To: David W Delainey@ECT
Subject: Cuiaba I Team


I am sorry that I was unable to meet with you yesterday on Cuiba. Jim has
told me what the two of you decided and it is fine with me. Below is a note
that I received this morning from Pete. The meeting he is referencing is an
indepth update on the project that I requested a week ago. You are more than
welcome to attend if you would like to - just let me know.

I am not sure that Pete is the right guy to work this or not, but I do agree
that we need to introduce someone else into the process - I am thinking
either Chris Hunt or Mariella Mahan. I would be happy to discuss with you
why I recommend one of those two individuals.

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Peter E Weidler@ENRON
11/29/2000 06:56 AM

Subject: Cuiaba I Team

the list below is going to Delainey - it is accurate from my perspective - if
the project ends up in your shop for completion and fixing up - and if it
ends up under me - some of these part time guys should become full time and
some of the full time guys should take a back seat.

I would have the full time dedicated team be -

Jose Bestard (he currently is chief of regulatory for South America) - he
negotiated the original PPA and has indepth knowledge of how the regulatory
system does and does not work.

Joao Carlos Alberquerque - top notch Brazilian power expert - has the right
contacts and relationships and can get us through the maze of Brazilian
resistance. Currently he is headed for wholesale merchant.

John Novak - best legal mind - needs to curb the use of outside lawyers a bit
- has been on the project continuous from day one - and needs to be
rejuvenated a bit - but has thourough understanding of how bthe entire
project is wired together.

Rob Gay - Finance

Laine Powell - is currently President of the oeprating companies - Cuiaba is
producing 300 mw of power which is being sold and paid for.

Felipe Ospina - modeler - I don't know this guy - he is relatively new to
the project and seems satisfactory

Would recommend also a fresh set of eyes on the project - not front line
negotiator - but someone good at structuring - or work outs - to review
overall project structure objectively and challange conventional wisdom.

Other folks on the list below can support the dedicated team - part time.

Would tell these guys - this is your only job - and here is your starting
point - new deal. Your job is not just to close financing - it is to get
Enron's money out or otherwise improve the returns of the project. You
will get paid based on this point forward. It will take at least 9 months
to implement a solution that improves our returns or gest more than just
financial close achieved.

This leaves some sticky situations - Rick Lammers has absolutely busted his
ass getting things done and moving the project forward - he has been lead
developer - but has had lots of "help" from Bannantine and the entire team.
Help tended to obscure responsibility and accountability. I am not sure
anyone could have gotten this thing done by now - but certainly there were
some things that could have been done better - in 20/20 hindsight - and some
things that can be done better now. The things that come be done better now
- I am pushing into Laines's area of responsibility this week. People need
to get rededicated and fired back up - I also think it is kind of difficult
to "take over" the project without making some changes in the way it is being

For the review on Monday - I have asked the following people to present -

Rick Lammers
Laine Powell
Jose Bestard

Also in attendance will be John Novak, Joe Kishkill, Brett Wiggs, Rob Gay and

The guys asked if Jim Bannantine should be present - I said no - let me know
if you would like him there.

You should see - a brief description of the overall project (not the strategy
- just how it is wired together- where the money is intended to be be) and
then straight to a listing of all things that need to get done to "finish"
the project to the point where we have financial close and a functioning
supply and PPA.

Joe and I and Rob will be in Houston and the rest of the team will dial in a
conference call.

Let me know if the above format is ok.


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Miguel Padron
11/29/2000 04:17 AM
Kishkill/SA/Enron@Enron, Peter E Weidler/NA/Enron@Enron

Subject: Re: Cuiaba I Team

To all, Here is the Cuiaba I Team....Miguel

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Richard A Lammers
11/27/2000 04:35 PM
Sent by: Richard A Lammers
To: Miguel Padron/SA/Enron@Enron, Brett R Wiggs/SA/Enron@Enron
Subject: Re: Cuiaba I Team

Cuiaba 1 team currently consists of:

Rick Lammers -lead developer
john novak- legal
Rob G Gay- Finance part time
Traci Bersoni- support Finance part time
Stephen Gray- support Finance part time
Felipe Ospina- project analyst
Gabriela Aguilar -support -gas part time
Emmanuel Rengade- Sudam financing and Equity Sale
Marcus Stephen-Sudam financing and Equity Sale

Joao Carlos Alberquerque- support PPA
Jose Bestard- support PPA and regulatory

Asset management

Laine A Powell-construction management and operations
Christiaan Huizer-Project analyst

Let me know if I can help furtherh