Enron Mail

Subject:ENW - Holiday Party Room List
Date:Wed, 29 Nov 2000 10:34:00 -0800 (PST)

Listed below are the names of those who have requested overnight
accommodations at the St. Regis Hotel on Saturday, December 2.

If your name appears below and you no longer need a room, please contact Liz
Taylor (x31935) asap. If you requested a room and your name does not appear
on this list, we apologize for any inconvenience. The block of rooms had
already been filled at that time.

Liz will be emailing each of you a confirmation number on Thursday
afternoon. You are expected to settle your account with your credit card
upon checkout.

All no shows, will be charged back to the employee.

PLEASE NOTE: The Enron room block is sold out and there are no more rooms
available at the $99.00 rate. If you need a room, please call the hotel
directly, keeping in mind that the rate may be quite high or the hotel may be
sold out.

P.S. Final party details will be forthcoming.

Rooming List - St. Regis Hotel
Saturday, December 2 - Rate of $99.00

Sherry Butler
James Buzek
Lydia Cannon
Peggy McCurley
Anthony Hill
Scott Laha
Joe Langston
Kara Maloney
Jennifer McQuade
Tracy Michel
Donna Muniz
Bryan Powell
Jose Ruiz
Steve Schleicher
Tammie Schoppe
Bob Shults
Tina Spiller
Liz Taylor
Georgia Ward
Kim Wilbanks
Victoria Wilbeck
Joe Witherspoon