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Subject:EU seeks comments on Enron unit's buy of Germany's Hutzler- AFX
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Subject: Enron in Europe: EU seeks comments on Enron unit's buy of Germany's
Hutzler, parts of ...

EU seeks comments on Enron unit's buy of Germany's Hutzler, parts of

AFX News
© 2000 by AFP-Extel News Ltd

BRUSSELS (AFX) - The European Commission said it invites comments
under the EU's merger regulation on Enron Corp unit MG Metallrecycling
GmbH's acquisition of control of Walter Hutzler Metallhandel GmbH and
parts of W&O Bergmann GmbH.
The three parties all trade non-ferrous metals and scrap.
Interested parties have 10 days to submit their comments.
The commission has until Dec 7 to rule on whether to clear the
operation or open a 4-month in-depth investigation.

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