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Subject:FW: Crisis in Enron Japan
Date:Mon, 18 Jun 2001 03:51:00 -0700 (PDT)

Jeff wants to know what you think about this. SRS

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Subject: Crisis in Enron Japan

Dear top management,

I know how dangerous if I use my real name so please forgive me to
use this free email.
I studied Enron for a long time before there is a branch in Tokyo.
How glad when I received the offer from Enron Japan! I believe my life must
have been changed to a new chapter.

But now... I'm so disppointed with enron Japan's poor management.
We local staff think Joe and other "experts" are too young to manage
this company. Forgive my impolite, EJ is really like a kindergarden!

In order not to waste your time,I conclude some points here:

1. Joe's poor management not only makes everything confused but also
makes local staff fears. He is so cold and imprudent that Japanese is
difficult to communicate with him. I know he is from Harvard,but that
mean he is human,he is sensitive.

2. It's very obvious that Joe conflicted with Jonathan and now we don't
think he works well with Jeremy. We want to know why you top management
always make such kind of combination. Joe only trusts the people he worked
together in Norway and Australia. He has strong discrimination with Jonathan
and Jeremy's people,also has strong discimination with local staff.

3. Enron Metal is in the same office with us but like a completely different
company. No any communication between Enron Japan and Enron metal.The same
situation can be seen with E-power.Japanese mass media are suprised why
set up two companies in Japan. E-power is enough!!! Look at GE, why they
the business in Asia. They make joint venture company first. Until they are
convinced they can succeed, they open branch. Learn from GE!

4. The experts from overseas countries are really cheeky,they are not modest
to hear local staff's opinions but just push their methods to us. We can't
see any
democracy in this company!! If you want to succed your business,you should
hear some opposite ideas.You shouldn't alianate the people who say different
things! We don't need young associate! Let them go home!!

5. We don't need young experts because Japanese clients won't do business
if the counterparty is too young. All of the young experts should go home.
They are wasting enron's money!! To send young experts here doesn't match
Japanese culture.

All of these are true. I love Enron and want to see Enron Japan become a
comfortable and profitable place to work.


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