Enron Mail

To:greg.whalley@enron.com, andy.zipper@enron.com, louise.kitchen@enron.com
Subject:FW: Crude 24x7 Marketing Effort
Cc:daniel.diamond@enron.com, bob.shults@enron.com
Bcc:daniel.diamond@enron.com, bob.shults@enron.com
Date:Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:29:00 -0700 (PDT)

Crude WTI 24x7 Marketing Effort

Trade Count:
270 Trades
12.3 Millions of Barrels
10 Counterparties Transacting Today
31 Counterparties Transacting to Date
917 Millions of Barrels Transacted to Date

? Note, the Nymex Chart is for comparison purposes only. The EnronOnline
numbers have been adjusted 10-fold to be in scale with the NYMEX volumes for
charting purposes.