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Subject:FW: EnronOnline Real-Time Quotes Service on Reuters
Date:Mon, 4 Jun 2001 04:42:00 -0700 (PDT)



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From: Zipper, Andy
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 11:39 AM
To: Sherriff, John
Subject: RE: EnronOnline Real-Time Quotes Service on Reuters


We are sending our bid and offer prices to Reuters for most US Gas & Power
products, as well as European Gas and Power, Crude and Refined products,
Bandwidth, Coal, Emissions, Weather and Sea Freight.

We will receive 75% of all revenue Reuters collects from subscriptions to
EnronOnline quotes. It is an evergreen 1 yr contract with mutual termination
rights upon 90 days prior notice. We are under no obligations to provide
levels of service.

Revenue expectations:

Reuters will charge, initially, $150/month/desktop. They have 5,000 Energy
desktops worldwide.

thus with 100% penetration we would get 5,000 x 150 x 12 x .75= $6,750,000;

With a more realistic assumption of 50% penetration the yield to Enron would
be $3,375,000 p.a.

This revenue does not include the incremental benefits, in our view, of
branding and standardization of our product and liquidity in the marketplace.
In the future I could see us adding a transactable API to the product through
Reuters, which would enhance the ease of transaction by Reuters users.

If you have any more questions give me a call or drop me a line.