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Subject:FYI From Marty Sunde: Request for Ken to contact Chancellor Reed,
Date:Wed, 9 May 2001 01:49:00 -0700 (PDT)

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Enron Energy Services

From: Marty Sunde 05/09/2001 08:16 AM
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(bcc: Carol Moffett/HOU/EES)
Subject: Request for Ken to contact Chancellor Reed, California State
University System


I have left Ken a voicemail request but thought I would follow up with a note
to you that might help clarify the request.

As Ken knows, Enron Energy Services recently won a STAY by the 9th Circuit
Court of an order by a lower court to require us to provide electricity
service to the UC/CSU systems directly versus via using PG&E and SCE
service. The formal court hearing of the appeal is still scheduled for 60 to
90 days from now.
We would like Ken to phone Charlie Reed, Chancellor of CSU, and solicit
Charlie's support for Enron, CSU, and the UC system to get back together to
attempt to work out a commercial resolution to these issues.
We believe that sponsorship and support coming from the most senior
executives' offices will help bring the parties together.
Additionally, if CSU and UC are interested in working out a settlement, we
would like to solicit their joint request for a delay in the court calendar.
This would allow both teams to focus on a commercial resolution versus
splitting their focus between a settlement and preparing briefs for the
appeal appearance. We would like to see a delay request of one month, as
long as the setttlement discussions progress.
A desirable way to kick off settlement discussions would be to ask Ken to
have lunch with the Head of UC , Charlie Reed of CSU, and perhaps one
business lead (in this case, this could be me). I am not sure that Ken's
schedule could accomadate that, but I thought I would ask. If timing is bad
for a meeting like this, we can find a different alternative.

I will follow up with a phone call to you. Hope this helps.