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Date:Wed, 22 Nov 2000 03:04:00 -0800 (PST)


Dear Echampion,

Help the RNC fight for fair elections!
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Al Gore is attempting to reverse the outcome of the election by any means
necessary. That includes tampering with the Electoral College itself.

Democrat operatives have begun clandestine background checks on Republican
electors already certified from the 29 states George W. Bush won on November
7. They are looking for ways to persuade -- or intimidate -- Republican
electors into changing their votes.

With Florida's 25 electoral votes, George W. Bush has a total of 271
electoral votes. (270 are needed to win.) That means a shift of three would
give Al Gore a majority -- and there are people in Gore's camp who seem to
think private investigators can sway enough votes to win.

This is outrageous. Already Al Gore has flooded Florida with lawyers,
attempting to win in court what he lost at the ballot box. He is pushing for
partisan, rigged recounts in Democrat controlled counties. He is demanding
that Florida's election laws be junked so Democrat judges can impose a brand
new, ad hoc system to accommodate the Democrats' frantic legal maneuvers.

Now the Gore camp is tampering with Electors. Al Gore will do anything to
win. I've attached a Wall Street Journal report on the Democrats undercover
assault on Republican electors. Read it and draw your own conclusions.

This election should be OVER. Because Al Gore refuses to accept the results,
the fight continues. The RNC is working to defend the integrity of the vote,
not only in Florida but also in other close states like Oregon, Wisconsin
and New Mexico as well. We will fight this to the end, and we are confident
we will prevail. But we need your help.

We realize that we have asked a great deal from you in the past few days, but
the future of our country may well be at stake. We need to squelch this
effort to steal Republican votes in the Electoral College in its infancy.

The Democrat Electoral College tampering is being led by Bob Beckel, who you
may remember as Walter Mondale's campaign manager in 1984. Below is Mr.
Beckel's contact information. Please contact him and express your outrage at
his low handed tactics.

Bob Beckel & Associates
1501 Lee Highway, Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22209
Phone: 703.841.0600
Fax: 703.841.1115

In addition, please do the following five things to help. Your efforts could
help make the difference:

1) If you haven't done so already, take a minute to make a contribution to
the RNC to help defend the integrity of the electoral process -- a process
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney won fairly on November 7 and which must not be
overturned by Democrat dirty tricks now
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2) Call, e-mail and write your local elected officials, Democrats and
Republicans. Let them know that this recent ploy by the Gore campaign is an
outrageous attempt to undercut our Constitutional Democracy (you can get the
addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your elected Congress people
and Senators at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/ )

3) Call your local talk radio show or TV news show and raise these issues.

4) Write a letter to the editor of your local, regional or national
newspapers on these subjects.

5) Finally, send this e-mail on to your own e-mail list - to all of your
friends and neighbors who are interested in knowing the truth about what is
going on in Florida.

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contribution you can afford to the RNC today:

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The situation we face is unprecedented. The presidency and the course of our
nation for the next four years hang in the balance. Your support is
extremely important. Please help as generously as you can. Thank you.


Jim Nicholson

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the Republican National Committee are not deductible as charitable
for federal income tax purposes.

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Gore Resolves to Stay on the Offensive
As Democratic Aides Rally to His Cause
(Beginning of article omited).
......One battle-tested Democratic consultant has even begun a quiet
intelligence-gathering operation that could aid a last-ditch Gore strategy in
the Electoral College. Bob Beckel, who managed Walter Mondale's 1984
Democratic presidential campaign and has close ties to Mr. Christopher, has
been checking into the background of Republican electors, with an eye toward
persuading a handful of them to vote for Mr. Gore. If Mr. Bush eventually
prevails in Florida but wins none other of the most closely contested states,
he would have 271 electoral votes. Three GOP defections could make Mr. Gore
"It is information gathering on my part, using my own network," Mr. Beckel
said, confirming an operation he set in motion days after the Nov. 7
election. "I call on mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too, and ask.
'Who are these electors, and what do you know about them?' I just wanted to
know who these electors are."
Mr. Beckel, who owns a political-analysis business based in Arlington, Va.,
said he is working independently, "on an ad-hoc basis," and hasn't yet
contacted any electors directly. "I wouldn't do that without first informing
the Gore campaign," he said.
(End of article omited) <http://public.wsj.com/home.html<;-- Bob Davis and
Jeanne Cummings contributed to this article.


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