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Subject:Help Our Servicemen Save Their Votes
Date:Tue, 21 Nov 2000 18:25:00 -0800 (PST)

Help Our Servicemen Save Their Votes

Help defend the integrity of the vote!
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Dear Echampion,

The situation in Florida is an outrage. And it is getting worse. The RNC
urgently needs your help today.

Over the weekend, Al Gore's campaign has waged an all-out effort to
disqualify military absentee ballots and almost succeeded in throwing out
over 1400 in all. Military absentees were running heavily in favor of
Governor Bush - so they became a "shoot-to-kill" target for win-at-all-costs
Democrat operatives.

The articles below, one from the Chicago Sun Times and one from the New York
Post, amply demonstrate this "Democratic vote scheme."

The Gore effort to nullify the military vote was statewide. A leaked five
page memo from the Gore staff laid out the details -- precise instructions to
Democrats in every county on how to challenge military ballots on
technicalities. And as the ballots were counted in one county, the Chicago
Sun Times source noted:

"Gore had five attorneys there. Their sole objective was to disenfranchise
the military absentee votes. They challenged each and every vote. Their sole
intent was to disqualify each and every absentee voter. They constantly
challenged military votes that were clearly legitimate, but they were able to
disqualify them on a technicality."

Such tactics are shameful. This has been an exceptionally close election.
On Election Day, George W. Bush received a majority of the legitimately cast
and counted ballots in Florida and, with Florida's 25 electors, a majority of
the Electoral College.

Al Gore is now attempting to reverse the outcome of the election by getting
Democrat judges to rewrite Florida's election laws after the fact to permit
partisan Democrat officials to count thousands of improper ballots. That is
bad enough -- but to selectively target our men and women in uniform purely
in order to knock out a few hundred more votes for George Bush is beneath

We URGENTLY need your help today! Please:

1) Make as generous a contribution as you can to the RNC's Fair Elections
Fund, by following this link:

(If you want to contribute by check, you can print out a donor form through
this link:

2) Call, e-mail and write your local elected officials, Democrats and
Republicans. Let them know that this recent ploy by the Gore campaign is an
outrageous insult to the men and women of our Armed Forces (you can get the
addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your elected Congress people
and Senators at http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/

3) Call your local talk radio show or TV news show and let them know your
strong views on this issue

4) Write a letter to the editor of your local, regional or national
newspapers on this important subject

5.) Finally, forward this e-mail to your own e-mail list - to all of your
friends and neighbors who care about our men and women overseas and want the
truth to come out in Florida

This battle SHOULD be over. George W. Bush and Dick Cheney won on November
7. But because Al Gore refuses to accept the results, the fight goes on.
Please help the RNC give Governor Bush and Secretary Cheney the support they


Jim Nicholson

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for federal income tax purposes.

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Democrats' vote scheme
November 20, 2000
WASHINGTON--It was 4:30 a.m. in Jacksonville, Fla., Saturday when two
Democratic lawyers pumped their fists in the air and congratulated each
other. The local canvassing board had just thrown out overseas absentee
ballots of 44 U.S. service personnel. Their defect: no postmarks.

The board disenfranchising the service personnel was controlled by
Republicans, an irony reflective of the fight for Florida. Befuddled
Republicans were acting like good bureaucrats, following the letter of the
law. Delighted Democrats were part of a coolly crafted scheme to win
Florida--and the presidency. While granting maximum latitude in divining
intentions of Democratic senior citizens on the south Florida Gold Coast, the
predominantly Republican votes of young men and women serving their country
abroad would be scrutinized with no latitude.
When Al Gore and George W. Bush finished in a Florida dead heat, Republicans
viewed it like a normal recount. Democrats, in contrast, treated it like a
continuation of the 2000 campaign.

Gore's operatives have made no secret of their Florida arithmetic. They
calculated that the 300-vote Bush statewide margin following the full machine
recount would be erased by Gold Coast hand recounts so long as Gore's deficit
on overseas absentee ballots did not exceed 1,000 votes. The Gore campaign
worked to make sure that did not happen.

Mark Herron, a lawyer from the state capital of Tallahassee engaged in the
Gore campaign legal effort, last Wednesday sent off a five-page letter to
colleagues around the state addressed to "FDP (Florida Democratic Party)
Lawyer." The subject: "Overseas Absentee Ballot Review and Protest." It
amounted to a quickie guide for tossing out the serviceman's vote.

It worked. In Jacksonville, officials ignored an affidavit from an aircraft
carrier postal clerk swearing that mail sent by naval personnel often lacks a
postmark. Consequently, plenty of sailors lost their vote at 4:30 Saturday
morning (including, for example, Donnie Haynes, Michael Gentry and Clifford
Shearer from the USS George Washington).

Brevard County Republican Chairman Ray Marino went home at 11:30 p.m. Friday
after seven and one-half hours of inspecting overseas ballots and wrote this
"Gore had five attorneys there. Their sole objective was to disenfranchise
the military absentee votes. They challenged each and every vote. Their sole
intent was to disqualify each and every absentee voter. They constantly
challenged military votes that were clearly legitimate, but they were able to
disqualify them on a technicality."

In Broward County, 92 overseas ballots were accepted and 304 rejected. In
Miami-Dade County, 110 out of 113 were turned down. Statewide, 2,203 ballots
were accepted and 1,420 rejected. As a result, Bush's net overseas gain was
only 630, for an overall Florida lead of 930.

That meant only 930 votes need be won by Gore in the hand-counting of heavily
Democratic Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties. They were working
hard at it. David Fulcher, a lawyer from Jackson, Miss., sent to Palm Beach
to help out, described to me a scene of chaos and confusion--of Bush ballots
put in the Gore pile, followed by protests and arguments.

It became clear at midweek, however, that Palm Beach would not yield enough
new Gore votes. Pressure was successfully applied to canvassing boards in
Broward and Miami-Dade to reverse themselves and order countywide hand
recounts. But late Saturday, when Gore planners became concerned about
surpassing the 930-vote margin in the three counties, the rules were suddenly
changed to permit easier tests for reading the intention of any voter who
failed to make a hole in the punch card.

See the full article at <http://www.suntimes.com/output/novak/novak20.html<;
John Podhoretz
The New York Post
Sunday,November 19,2000

IF the "butterfly ballot" in Florida's Palm Beach County had led to the
disqualification of 40 percent of the county's presidential votes,
Republicans wouldn't be protesting the manual recount there. There would have
been no question in everyone's mind that some combination of ballot
irregularity, manipulation and outright fraud had taken place. But only 5
percent of the Palm Beach ballots were invalidated.

It now appears that 40 percent of Florida's overseas ballots have been
invalidated. Democrats are convinced that their outrage on behalf of Al Gore
and his position as the supposedly "true" winner of Florida is justified
largely because of the furor that arose on the day after the election from
the butterfly-ballot controversy.

How do they feel, today, knowing that - let me say it again, and in bold-face
type: Forty percent of Florida's overseas ballots have been invalidated?

It also appears that most of those invalidated votes came from enlistees in
the U.S. military as the result of a coordinated Democratic strategy designed
by Tallahassee lawyer Mark Herron, who is involved in various Gore voter

Here's what this means: Al Gore, who is by all accounts totally and
intimately involved in every aspect of the process underway in Florida, may
well have approved an effort to challenge every absentee vote in Florida cast
by the servicemen and servicewomen whose commander-in-chief he will become if
he is sworn in as president.

I have no doubt that the challenges are legal. Florida tightened its
absentee-vote procedures after massive fraud in 1998 led to the illegitimate
election of Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez - whom a judge removed from office when
the extent of his campaign's grave offense against the U.S. electoral system
became clear.

Republicans, who have been hewing to the letter of the law in making their
argument against the hand recounts in four Democratic counties, are not
exactly in a position to argue for greater leniency on these military
ballots. Such an affirmative-action claim would make a mockery of George W.
Bush's own argument in federal court that the hand count violates the 14th
amendment's equal-protection clause.
But the Gore campaign's conduct makes an even greater mockery of the vice
president's insistence on a "full, fair and accurate count." Again - this
cannot be said often enough - 40 percent of the overseas and absentee ballots
have been invalidated as a direct result of a Democratic strategy intended to
benefit the vice president.

Republicans will be falling all over themselves to accuse the vice president
of "hypocrisy," which is becoming the most tiresome game of this
post-election season. Let me stipulate that there is indeed hypocrisy on both
The real issue in the matter of the absentee ballots is the very deep and
very, very dark cynicism of Gore's efforts to make himself president. In
pursuit of this ambition imprinted on him at birth, Al Gore really is willing
to do just about anything.

The vice president has now proved himself capable of actively seeking the
disenfranchisement of military voters out of fear that they might have voted
for his rival (the challenges had to be issued before the envelopes were
opened). None of those Florida residents can now be sure that his or her vote
was ever counted.

E-mail: podhoretz@nypost.com <mailto:podhoretz@nypost.com<

See the full article at www.nypost.com <http://www.nypost.com<;


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