Enron Mail

Subject:Internet E-mail
Date:Fri, 18 May 2001 09:57:00 -0700 (PDT)

In an effort to protect Enron's e-mail system from harmful viruses, the
Global Messaging Team has implemented an inbound and outbound cluster of
MAILSweeper servers. What does that mean to you, the user? All inbound and
outbound Internet mail is passed through a set of servers that will scan each
message for viruses, malicious code, business related-content and
inappropriate content. Inbound Internet mail that contains the following
attachment types will be quarantined (held for delivery): *.vbs, *.exe,
*.com, *.bat, *.cmd. If you are the intended recipient of one of these
e-mails, you will receive an automatic notification with instructions on how
to get your legitimate e-mail released from quarantine.

We have taken these measures to protect our e-mail environment from harmful
e-mail viruses. We believe that these protections will result in less down
time for your e-mail, in the event that Enron gets hit with a virus or
malicious code.