Enron Mail

Subject:Managers Training
Date:Tue, 5 Jun 2001 11:46:00 -0700 (PDT)

Attention supervisors and managers! =01;
Would you like to improve your ability to lead and manage your team?=01; Th=
e EWS=20
Development Center would like to invite you to The Managers Level Impact an=
Influence Program.
Date: =01;=01; =01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=
=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; =01;June 14th and 15th
Time: =01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; =01;=01;=01;=
=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; =01;8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (both days)
Place =01;=01; =01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=
=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; =01;Travis Room 1 at the Double Tree Hotel=
Cost:=01;=01;=01; =01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=
=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; $1,500
Target Audience:=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Sr. Specialist and Man=
agers in a supervisory role
CPE credits available
Innovative Leadership is the cornerstone of Enron's ability to motivate and=
retain the industry's top talent.=01; The Organizational Development and=20
Learning group would like to invite all Enron managers to participate in a=
new leadership overview course.
This workshop will offer the tools you'll need to lead and manage others mo=
effectively.=01; In this course you'll gain knowledge and insight on leader=
capabilities and receive resources you can readily apply at work.=01; This=
two-day program, involving a maximum of 16 participants, has been=20
specifically built to give Enron managers the information they need to=20
succeed in our work environment.=01;=01; It is an interactive workshop incl=
individual and group exercises designed to drive home insights and build=20
skills that are relevant to your job.=01;=01;=20
Topic areas include:=20
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; What is Leadership?
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Leadership Credibility
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Thinking Strategically
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Managing Change
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Directing Others
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Leading Teams
?=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01;=01; Influencing Others=01;=01;=20
Participants will be asked to complete a short self-assessment before comin=
to the program.=01; Additionally, each participant will leave with a detail=
action plan and other resources to help manage their group and prepare for=
the next level of leadership.
To register for this class, log on to InvestInMe at=20
If you have any questions, please call 713 853-1816.