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Subject:Outfit your PDA for enhanced performance
Date:Tue, 15 May 2001 07:36:00 -0700 (PDT)



MAY 2001=20


Dear Greg,=20

Did you know? According to a recent poll posted at thinkmobile.com, mobile=
professionals reported that they use their PDAs and handhelds to stay=20
productive and keep in touch more often than they use laptops, pagers, or=
"smart phone" devices. The reason for this growing trend in mobile computin=
is clear: today's handhelds are more than just organizers - with an array o=
feature-rich models and an increasing number of available applications and=
peripherals, handhelds are more like pocket-sized computers. =20

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phone in place of your regular battery for up to 16 hours of instant talk=
time! =20

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Featured PDA Products=20

[IMAGE]Transfer notes to your PDA - just $199.99=20
Now you can jot down notes, draw maps or even drawings on any standard=20
notepad and then instantly beam them to your Palm connected organizer throu=
the infrared port! The Seiko SmartPad includes a zippered portfolio case, 2=
notepads and a pen/stylus combo. =20


[IMAGE]Take this handy module to your next presentation - just $299.99=20
The new Presenter-to-Go Springboard module for Handspring Visors allows you=
to connect directly to digital projectors or other VGA displays. Transfer=
presentation files to your Visor, and edit or present right from your=20

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[IMAGE]"All work and no play"=01(games for your Palm - just $29.99=20
NEW! Liven up your downtime with this fun game card for your Palm m500=20
series. Enjoy 10 entertaining games on your Palm, including chess, checkers=
and Vegas slots. =20

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[IMAGE]All the writing instruments you need in one - only $29.99=20
This stylish 2+1 Multi-Function Stylus is a stylus, a ballpoint pen, and a=
0.5mm mechanical pencil with eraser. Fully retractable and refillable, the=
stylus features a bright orange tip for better on-screen visibility.=20

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Road Warrior Tip #37=20

Getting connected to the Internet from your hotel room can be impossible if=
your modem does not recognize the dial tone, which can happen in businesses=
with PBX phone environments. To avoid this, you can instruct your modem to=
dial without waiting for a recognizable dial tone. In Windowsc, go to the=
Settings menu. Click on Control Panel, then Phone and Modem Options. Choose=
Modem, and highlight your modem and select Properties. Finally, uncheck th=
box that says, "Wait for dial tone before dialing". =20

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green rule


There are several options to increase handheld performance: =20
? Connectivity - You can now send and receive faxes and e-mail, or access t=
Internet wirelessly - all from your handheld! Upgraded models, such as the=
new Palm m505and Handspring Visor series,allow for wireless connectivity vi=
clip-on modems. iGo offers Handspring modem modulesand the Omnisky Minstrel=
wireless modemfor Handsprings. Next, all you need is a service provider, su=
as OmniSky, and you're ready for the instant access you'd expect from a=20
computer, all from the palm of your hand! =20

? Storage - Current handheld space varies from 1MB of RAM up to about 24MB.=
With only 2MB of memory, a handheld can store up to 6,000 addresses, five=
years of appointments and 200 e-mails. If you want to add applications or=
data, you can increase storage with memory modules for Handspring Visors, o=
with CompactFlash cards for the new Handera 330. In addition, expansion slo=
for memory are now available on Palm handhelds, with the arrival of the m50=
series models. =20

? Keyboards - The size of handhelds makes using them convenient, but it can=
take you twice as long to enter data and work on files with their tiny=20
keyboards and small styli. The smart timesaving solution is a PDA keyboard,=
which are available for Palm Connected Organizers, Compaq iPAQs, HP Jornada=
540and Handspring Visors. These ingenious devices fold up small enough to f=
in your pocket, and then expand to the size of a normal, desktop keyboard.=

? Fun and Games - Use your handheld as a voice recorder, digital camera and=
GPS receiver? You bet! Several modules, such as the HandyGPS modulefor=20
Handspring Visors, allow you to expand the functionality of your handheld,=
generally for less than $50. And, when you're done with work, it's time for=
little play. Pass the time with a variety of games you can download to your=
handheld, from such software as 100 Great Games for Palm OS.

These are just a few suggestions for turning your ordinary organizer into a=
convenient computer. As the technology evolves, new peripherals are availab=
all the time - turn to iGo for the latest and greatest accessories for ever=
handheld make and model!=20

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