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Subject:RE: UK P/L
Date:Sun, 10 Dec 2000 01:14:00 -0800 (PST)

"Structured Derivatives" holds the spread options from the Eastern VPS
deals. We hedge with swaps to the power and gas books, leaving all our gamma
and vega exposure. The $43mm is a big gamma loss because of the moving power
curve and a big vega loss because of the moving gas volatility curve.

I am looking to change the loss violation reporting so we report power and
gas numbers including any movements in the spread option book. Ted Murphy


Greg Whalley
08/12/2000 20:33
To: Richard Lewis/LON/ECT@ECT

Subject: RE: UK P/L

What is the structured derivatives portfolio and what is in it?

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<Subj: UK P/L
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<See note below for detail but here is the exec summary.
<We had a couple of big shifts on the curves yesterday which I want you to
be aware of. We wanted to put several major adjustments through on the same
day. The main moves are as follows:
<Increased gas volatility - we moved the curve up significantly for the
first several years. Lose o16mm
<Power Peaks down, off-peaks up across the whole curve. Gain o10mm
<Because "structured Derivatives" is a separate line item, this book loses
$43mm today, with power making approx $40mm to off-set. The $43mm may need
to be reported to Skilling, even though the real loss is just the gas loss of
<(There were several other clear up items put through, but the above
represents the main issues to be aware of. Net on the day we are up, and
still expect to hit Q4 targets.).
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<James New
<06/12/2000 18:18
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