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Subject:RNC Needs Your Help for Florida Effort
Date:Mon, 20 Nov 2000 17:40:00 -0800 (PST)

The votes have been counted. We won. Thank you for your support. The 2000
election should be over. But because the Democrats are trying to rewrite the
rules, the fight continues. Governor Bush and Secretary Cheney urgently need
your help. To contribute immediately, see form below.

The situation in Florida is unprecedented and the dispute may still spread to
other closely contested states. We are confident of victory, but we need
your help.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney clearly won the majority of legitimately cast
ballots in Florida and, with Florida's 25 electors, a majority of the
Electoral College.

All the Democrat maneuvering -- in the courts, in the streets, on television
-- is designed to confuse the public about that simple fact while throwing
the election into a rigged process in which partisan Democrat officials can
count thousands of improper ballots.

We MUST NOT let the Democrats steal this election. The RNC has sent staff to
Florida and other battleground states such as Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon and
Wisconsin as well. We are fighting a multi-front war, and it is expensive.
These costs are unexpected and unbudgeted -- and they come at a time when the
RNC's resources have been depleted by the election. That's why I'm asking
for your help again today.

I've included two articles - Charles Krauthammer's November 17 column, and
excerpts from a Los Angeles Times report -- that describe how the Democrats
are waging this battle. I hope you'll take time to read them -- they are
revealing, and they emphasize how high the stakes are in this contest.

Again, I would ask you to read the articles below - and then do four
important things for our country:

1) send this e-mail on to your own e-mail list - to all of your friends and
neighbors who care about this country and want the truth to come out in

2) Call, e-mail and write your local elected officials, Democrats and
Republicans. You can get the addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of
your elected Congress people and Senators at

3) call your local talk radio show or TV news show and let them know your
strong views on this issue

4) write a letter to the editor of your local, regional or national
newspapers on this important subject

Al Gore lost on November 7. He is now seeking to reverse the results of the
election in court. This is an outrage -- and it is a sad day for our
country. We will fight this battle with all the available means at our
disposal. Please help as generously as you can. See below how to contribute
online, or send your contribution to:

Republican National Committee
310 First Street S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

Thank you.


Jim Nicholson
Republican National Committee

Washington Post
Friday , November 17, 2000 ; Page A45

Not by Hand
By Charles Krauthammer

There is a reason that machines have been chosen by Florida and so many
other states to count ballots. The reason is not only speed and efficiency
but fairness. Of course machines make mistakes, but the mistakes are
distributed randomly. There is no premeditation, no search for advantage.
Undoubtedly there were many presidential ballots that were
double-punched, under-punched or otherwise spoiled in Florida. But machines
read such errors with scrupulous impartiality. The same cannot be said of
hand counting. Hand counting is arbitrary, open to manipulation and abuse.
Mechanical ballots are designed to be read by machines, not humans. When
humans try, the results, as we have seen in Palm Beach, range from the
arbitrary to the bizarre. Hence the comic contortions of the ballot examiners
holding up cards to the light, trying to divine the intent of voters. Hence
the spectacle of Gore supporters going to court to get a judge to declare
that "dimpled chads"--a slight indentation in the piece of paper one is
supposed to punch through, even slighter than the now legendary "pregnant
chad"--must be counted as a vote.
Second, a manual recount subjects computer cards, literally, to
manipulation. Under this method, the presidency of the United States hangs by
a thread, the thread holding the dangling chad. Any waving, shuffling,
rubbing or other movement can easily cut the thread, dislodge the chad, and
produce a "vote."
This would be true even if those judging the ballots were perfectly
neutral. They are not. The counting by hand is in fact counting by Democrats:
The counties now seeking to conduct these recounts--Palm Beach and
Broward--are controlled by Democrats. The decision regarding the legality of
every newfound Gore vote is made by a committee that is either entirely or
majority Democratic.
These counties, moreover, are two of the most heavily Democratic in the
state. They went for Gore with majorities larger than that by which Lyndon
Johnson won over Barry Goldwater in 1964--and that was the biggest landslide
of our time. Broward Democrats chose three sample precincts to decide whether
to recount the entire county: Two of the test districts voted 20 to 1 for
Gore, the third 50 to 1. Brezhnev never did that well.
In such heavily Democratic districts, there is no way a recount will not
produce more net votes for Gore. You simply expand or narrow your criteria
for voter "intent"--and produce whatever number you need to win.
What is the fairest way to determine the winner in a state such as Florida?
The fairest is a statewide machine count--and recount. Why? Because the
errors balance out.
What about a statewide manual recount, an option offered by Gore in his
televised Nov. 15 gambit? It has two disabling liabilities. First, it vastly
multiplies the opportunity for fraud and bias. Thousands of people in
thousands of precincts handling millions of cards--cards that can be
manipulated and altered with ridiculous ease. There just aren't enough
watchdogs to watch all the partisans.

See the full article at http://www.washingtonpost.com/


Excerpts from The Los Angeles Times:

"To scrounge for every last vote, Gore has flooded Fort Lauderdale with
tough, seasoned Democrats, the sort who are used to keeping wafflers in line
and to count and recount votes until they know exactly what it will take to
outdo their opponents. Many of the hired hands speak with a Boston brogue...
"Not far away, in an abandoned Payless shoe store, vanloads of AFL-CIO
staffers and Gore loyalists from New York, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia,
San Francisco and elsewhere had disembarked to learn how to observe the
ballot count. "'Our goal,' said one lawyer as he patiently lectured his new
charges, 'is to preserve the Al Gore vote.' The volunteers nodded. 'It's
very, very important that if you see any kind of mark--a scratch, a dent, a
pinprick in Al Gore's column--that you challenge.' When someone then asked
what they should do if they found a Bush ballot with an indent, the lawyer
said: 'Keep your lips sealed.' It was hardball that the Bostonians and other
d pros understood well."

Full Article:


Dear Jim,

Yes, I'll help! I know Governor Bush and Secretary Cheney won on Election
Day. It's time for Al Gore to accept the results of the election and stop
trying to reverse the outcome by rewriting the rules after the fact. To help
the RNC fight and win this battle, I'm sending a contribution of:

$25 $50 $100 $250 ____ Other

Please make check payable to: RNC

Contributions to the Republican National Committee are not deductible as
charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by the Republican National Committee. Funds received in response to
this solicitation will be deposited in the RNC's federal account unless
otherwise prohibited. Federal election law requires us to report the
following information*:

Occupation*: ______________________________________________
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o Please check if self-employed*.
Telephone number: (___)____________________________________
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Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.

You may make your presidential election year contribution to the RNC by
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To have an immediate impact you may contribute to the RNC online at
www.rnc.org. Thank you.


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