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Subject:Reorganization of Houston and Omaha Facilities Management
Date:Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:36:00 -0800 (PST)

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Responsibility for daily operations of building support services in the=20
Enron Building, Houston leased offices, and Two Pacific Place (Omaha) will =
transitioning from Corporate to Enron Energy Services (EES) by year-end. T=
areas affected include facility operations and maintenance of mechanical,=
electrical, and air-conditioning systems; mail delivery; housekeeping; =20
food, copier, and records services.

This transition of services, as presently managed by Enron Property and=20
Services Corp. (EPSC), is designed to optimize value to Enron=01,s Business=
Units by leveraging facility management businesses now offered by EES to=20
their commercial customers. EPSC staff having administrative responsibilit=
for these services will report to Enron Facility Services, a subsidiary of=
EES=01,s Global Energy Services group led by Daniel Leff, President and CEO=

EPSC is responsible for Enron=01,s internal real estate and office developm=
needs, including leasing, space allocations and facility planning, project=
and construction management, furniture systems, and office relocation. EPS=
in its development role, remains a part of Enron Corporate Administration=
Services (ECAS) along with Corporate Security and the Aviation Department,=
reporting to Bill Donovan, Vice President, Corporate Administrative Service=

This alignment of responsibilities offers the opportunity for EPSC to focus=
resources on effective utilization of our existing office space assets and=
managing the development of Houston=01,s new Enron Center Campus project.