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Subject:Thank you for the Charitygift
Cc:elyse.kalmans@enron.com, kathy.mayfield@enron.com
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Date:Tue, 12 Dec 2000 06:45:00 -0800 (PST)

Every year, a holiday gift is sent from the Executive Committee and is
normally a donation to a charity of Enron's choice. This year, we have tried
a different approach. Elyse Kalmans and Kathy Mayfield from Community
Relations recommended an on-line service called Chairtygift.com. Each
recipient can select the charity of their choice from many hundreds in the
United States. Should they choose to not go on-line and select a charity,
the amount of that person's gift will default to DePelchin. Kathy is
receiving thank you notes by e-mail so I wanted to share with you.

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Kathy Mayfield
12/12/2000 11:01 AM

To: Rosalee Fleming/Corp/Enron@ENRON
Subject: Thank you for the Charitygift

I have received two other thank you notes for the Charitygifts. Upon
redemption, there is a place for recipients to send a thank you via email and
currently I am set up as the person to receive them. Is that ok? I don't
mind and can forward them to you as I get them or save them and get them to
you all at once. It's great feedback and I think Ken would enjoy seeing
their responses. It seems as though people are enjoying getting them and
being able to choose one of their favorite charities. Let me know what you
think. I am also drafting a letter to go to DePelchin letting them know that
we are doing this. Would you like for it to come from Ken? Thanks, Kathy

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Kewp76@aol.com on 12/11/2000 07:51:30 PM
To: kathy.mayfield@enron.com

Subject: Thank you for the Charitygift

Eileen and I were most pleased to have the opportunity to donate to Southern
Tier (NY) Hospice Corporation via the Charity Gift Card that Enron Executive
Committee sent us. Enron displays uncommon leadership in humanitarian
activities as well as the business world. Our thanks go to Ken and the
Executive Committee.
Very truly yours,
Buddy and Eileen Leech