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Subject:Truth Versus Gore
Date:Wed, 29 Nov 2000 02:05:00 -0800 (PST)

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Please review the following fact sheet and quotes, and forward to family,
friends, and associates. It is time for truth to prevail and for Gore to

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There are more than 10,000 votes in Miami-Dade that have never been counted.
David Boies: "[T]here are over 10,000 ballots that have never been counted
once for the presidency of the United States." [Today Show, 11/27/00]


* Every ballot in Miami-Dade was counted at least twice - once on election
night and again during the automatic recount.

* In every election, there are a significant number of ballots that are cast
by voters without choosing a candidate in every race on the ballot, including
races for President. For example, in this election, 5% of the voters in
Idaho, 3.9% of the voters in Illinois and 3.6% of the voters in Wyoming cast
a ballot without registering a vote for President.

* The 10,000 votes (actually 9,000 according to their filing) about which the
Gore campaign has been complaining constitute only 1.6% of the ballots cast
in Miami-Dade. These ballots were counted - twice; they merely registered no
vote for President

* This reality reflects common sense: a voter may want to vote for a
candidate for the Senate, House or other office, but be undecided about the
choice for President. In particular, a voter who usually votes for
candidates from one party may vote for local or statewide candidates, but be
uncomfortable with his or her party's choice for President and yet unwilling
to vote for the other party's candidate. So he or she might cast a ballot
without marking a choice for President.

If you counted all the votes that already have been counted in some of the
recount, Gore would actually be ahead by 9 votes.


* Democrats get to this number by adding unreported and unofficial votes from
the late manual recount in Palm Beach and from the partial manual recount
from Miami-Dade, and by subtracting the valid military overseas ballots and
some of the certified votes from Nassau County.

* The Florida Supreme Court set a deadline of 5 p.m. on Sunday for completing
manual recounts, almost tripling the statutory time period for counting
mandated by Florida's Legislature.

* Palm Beach did not complete its manual recount by the Supreme Court's
deadline. Miami-Dade returned to its original decision of not proceeding with
a manual recount.

* The 157 "interim gain" for Gore in Miami-Dade came from a selective recount
of the most Democrat precincts. Gore won these selected precincts by
approximately 75% to 25%, while Gore won the entire county only by 53% to
46%. It would be unfair to use this interim change without counting
Republican precincts, too.

* Precincts in Miami-Dade, including those with predominantly Hispanic and
Cuban American voters, favored Bush. The Gore approach would treat these
minorities in a discriminatory fashion.

* Military overseas ballots that were valid under Florida and federal law
should be counted. Counties recognized this and counted them. Even Joe
Lieberman said that such military ballots should not be rejected.

& Even if you add the 157 interim gain for Gore in Miami-Dade
and the final manual recount of net 192 for Gore in Palm Beach (as reported
by the NYT), and then also subtract the over 50 votes that belong to Bush in
Nassau County (see below), Bush still wins by well over 100 votes.

Miami-Dade would have conducted a manual recount if not for the Republican
"mob" that "intimidated" the canvassing board. KLAIN: "We think already
almost 160 votes were counted in Dade County before the mob stopped the
count.... But I think that to say that a mob can storm a counting facility,
stop a count, and then that's going to provide the end because a partisan of
the Bush campaign, Ms. Harris, refuses to accept returns and cuts off the
counting, I don't think that's the kind of end that we have to American
elections." [GMA, 11/27/00]


* The record shows that the crowd was reacting to the Board's decision
to move the recount behind closed doors, where it could not be observed by
the public or the media, and to limit the recount to only a select set of the

* No Board member mentioned the protests as a factor in the decision, and
Judge Leahy of the Board has already stated clearly that he was not
intimidated by the crowd. ???? The police made no arrests, received no
assault complaints, and did not even instruct the crowd to desist. The crowd
was quieted promptly.

In Nassau County, the board violated Florida law by adding votes from earlier
tabulations that had been rejected by the board as illegal.


* On election night, all the votes were counted, but during the
machine recount, 218 ballots were accidentally separated from the rest, and
not counted. As a result, Bush received 124 fewer votes and Gore received 73
fewer votes than on election night.

* After the recount, the Nassau County Board supervisor discovered her
mistake, and tried to correct it. Because the Supreme Court of Florida had
held the date open for final certification until Sunday at 5:00 p.m., the
Division of Elections informed the supervisor that she could revise the count
to make it accurate.

* The Board (2 Democrats and 1 Republican) voted unanimously to certify the
original election night count - which included the 218 ballots - rather than
the machine recount total (which mistakenly omitted those ballots).


Mr. Gore, the Wheel has Turned and it's Time for this to End...

"I think the vice president should take the high ground and hand it over,"
Rep. Julia Carson, D-IN
- Associated Press interview conducted over the phone, 11/27/00.

"Mr. Gore, End It Now," - Editorial headline in the Chicago Tribune,

"Enough is enough, For nation's welfare, Gore should accept loss," -
Editorial headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/27/00

"...I have grave doubts about whether it is wise for the country, for the
purposes of just healing all of the wounds, for the vice president to
continue to pursue and to contest the results in Florida."
- Former Clinton/Gore Labor Secretary Robert Reich

"His determination to keep fighting, even after Sunday night's formal
declaration that George W. Bush won the presidential race in Florida,
presents the increasingly unappealing portrait of a man who wants to be a
winner at any cost."
- Chicago Tribune, Editorial, 11/27/00

"The only thing to be gained by contesting the Florida balloting, as Sen.
Joseph Lieberman vowed last night to do, is to put the nation through a
divisive ordeal that could provoke a constitutional crisis unprecedented in
modern times."
- San Diego Union-Tribune, Editorial, 11/27/00

Palm Beach Canvassing Judge Charles Burton: "...going into this, we felt
that whatever standard we came up with...it had to be fair, it had to be
geared towards achieving a fair result, not geared towards achieving a
certain result...

"...the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, everybody agreed to the
standard we had applied in reviewing these ballots. It was only after about
four days into it that the Democratic Party went back to court to try and,
you know, basically have us change that standard because I guess they
realized they weren't getting enough votes."
- ABC's "Good Morning America," 11/27/00

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