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Subject:internet site - Enron South America
Date:Wed, 15 Nov 2000 04:13:00 -0800 (PST)

** Related to critical commercial issues. **

The ESA internet home page launch is ca. 4 weeks old and has met with
reasonable success.

The hits to the site continue to grow to several thousand per week; however,
the issues outlined below referring to our need to establish appropriate
commercial support to the site and proactively readying upgrades and next
generations integrated to the commercial efforts have fallen short.

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D'Arcy Carroll
11/07/2000 05:23 PM
To: Joe Kishkill/SA/Enron@Enron

Subject: internet site - Enron South America

I wanted to forward some comments on the situation of the Enron South America
internet site and :

Emphasize the need to accelerate and integrate the understanding of the
leverage of the e-platform to the commercial business, including the need to
change the present priorities and responsibility of the commercial groups in
the region towards aggressively supporting and promoting the internet tool
Offer some comment on lessons learned implementing version 1 and
recommendations for more effectively executing a version 2
1. The support functions ( e-mail generated and internal allocation for
prompt responses to customer inquiry, text and content upgrades and editing,
etc.,..) is THE critical issue to realising the functional goal (efficient
customer capture ) of the site. To my knowledge, the issue outlined in
the e-mail below (the most recent of several urging action and some
decision-making) remains unaddressed, this almost 1 month following the
launch of the site. From my perspective and commercial experience, the
present situation which has inquiries being directed directly into a generic
e-mail system with part-time support from the orginal PR staff is not
acceptable, nor advisable - as was extensively discussed in the weeks prior
to launch.

Though I understand that the commercial structure and strategy is in flux,
the clear indecision and lack of ownership reflects a lack of vision and
understanding of the power of the e-business tool, particularly in the
Brazilian market. I forward the information to you because it's my view
that the situation directly threatens Enron's credibility in the market at
a time when some of Enron's competitors (AES and Duke) are not only
established, but have, at the same time as Enron's launch at Oil & Gas,
launched 2nd generation sites.

2. Version 2

Brazil and South America. I am convinced that the poor civil infrastructure
and the physical distances restricting easy access to customers present
enormous opportunities for e-business platform business (Energy, Financial
Product and other commodities). The best example of world class product-
and service-driven sites to date our, in my view, the on-line banking sites
(Itau, Bradesco). They set a good, healthy benchmark.
IT. In the development of the site, we need to consider technology
constraints in the bandwidth capacity and computer screen graphics of
targeted consumers in Brazil and elsewhere in the region. The constraings
limit the degree of dynamism (Flash technology, Sound, 3-d
graphics/photography, etc.,..) that characterize world-leading sites familiar
in the US i.e., for now, there is a tradeoff between degree of "sexy-ness "
of the site vs. prohibitive time to load and navigate.
e-Biz Expertise. Enron UK has an in-house internet consulting group that
continues to develop but that provides comprehensive support and development
services to the product lines ( Houston tends to outsource or contract much
of the project work ); examples of the work they have produced are available,
impressive and much closer to cutting edge. The Enron UK group should own
the devleopment of version 2 - pls note that there is already a significant
number of projects in their pipeline.
e-Biz Support/Operations.The operation of the site including specifically the
IT component which addresses customer response and participation (tracking
hits voluem, storing profile questionnaire, e-mail response, etc.,..) is
probably the critical determinant for the functional success of the site.
Cutting edge technologies and their timely implementation to site or versions
launch needs to be absolutely mandatory with high deliverables.
Competition. AES, Duke Energy have both launched 2nd versions of their
regional internet sites in the 6 months between initial launch and today;
both have upgraded pretty completely in terms of offering and functionality.
Commercial. The site is designed to streamline and deliver efficiencies and
value directly to the Commercial ( Trading and Origination ) exercises -
these groups need to be formally accountable to sign on and contribute to a
strategy, to initial and sequential content and graphics, language
translations, etc.,.. Either the Commercial groups drives the e-biz
initiative, or the e-biz initiative will fail.
Ownerhsip. The breadth and integral importance of both commercial, regulatory
and IT issues complicate the ability to develop and execute the site
effectively. It is a Development business and, as such, needs a clear
Project Manager (s) with the necessary authority establshed over the
contributing groups.

Pls forward any, all inputs and thank you for efforts extended to help
address the issues. Note: Please be aware that I understand that to a large
extent all of the above is outside of my responsibility, but feel I need to
bring responsible closure to my contributions to and participation in the
launch of version 1.

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D'Arcy Carroll
10/25/2000 06:15 PM
cc: Orlando Gonzalez/SA/Enron@Enron, Keith Miceli/Corp/Enron@Enron, Miguel
Padron/SA/Enron@Enron, Steve Nagy/SA/Enron@Enron, Brett R
Wiggs/SA/Enron@Enron, Don Black/SA/Enron@Enron, Joe Kishkill/SA/Enron@Enron

Subject: candidate - Monica Matias, PR support for Enron SA - site

Keith, though Commerical has the largest stake in the success or failure of
the regional e-business product, i understood that PR has the budget
allocation and, as agreed regarding the operational support of the site, the
policing/3rd party role to play i.e., ownership over this particular issue.

Gentlemen, this site is launched as of last week's Oil&Gas Conference ... or
certainly maintains an imminent, broader launch. For starters, we need to
execute the agenda item outlined below and in previous e-mails which
allocates operational responsibility for commercial follow-up for the

Today the contact resource for Brazil is a voice mail which is temporary
anyway and wasn't working until I called this morning asking about a message
I'd left on it last week; in addition, we haven't trained the present
operational support to understand how and to which groups to direct customer

e-bis. the e-business platform needs to get elevated to the next level -
follow-up for customer capture, responsible and timely response to inquiries,
etc.,.., not to mention more formal and public marketing of the site.

phase 2. the natural consequence of having a product and first phase site, is
that there will be plenty of internal comments and reactive idea generation
for a second phase site; this is fine and natural, but also will likely fall
into the responsibilities of the same position - initially at least, in terms
of information gathering and distribution.

if really necessary, why don't the relevant parties copied on this wire have
a 30 minute conference call to make this and other related decisions, so that
we move forward. pls consider prioritizing this so that we execute in the
next few days.

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D'Arcy Carroll
10/18/2000 12:24 PM

Subject: candidate - Monica Matias, PR support for Enron SA - site

Jose, here is the orginal communication.

The design of the site is to make progress toward alleviating the enormous
bottleneck and inefficiencies in the marketing effort to contact ( the
hundreds of small) national power generators, not to mention streamline the
customer capture costs for the broader EES product line. If we don't
expect a need for a ( and eventually several ) full-time commercial support
for the site, then the launch will be a dismal failure.

But with the site "launching" this week and following a lot of work
yesterday and this morning cleaning up the kinks in the Monday version, we
need to be ready get her in position immediately. What's more, she's
does almost all of the work carrying the load for the 3 assistants on the 4th
floor - that work needs (anyway) to get delegated to the other 2 assistants
ie., they either pick up the slack with competence, or be moved elsewhere.

I am in Houston fthr Friday at 713-646-7929 - caution, I don't know (yet) how
to get any phone messages!

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D'Arcy Carroll
10/06/2000 10:11 AM
To: Keith Miceli/Corp/Enron@Enron
cc: Steve Nagy/SA/Enron@Enron, Orlando Gonzalez/SA/Enron@Enron, Joao
Guimaraes/SA/Enron@Enron, Nadege Araujo/SA/Enron@Enron, Don

Subject: candidate - Monica Matias, PR support for Enron SA - site

Keith, as discussed, Joao Carlos and I talked at length and want to propose
Monica Matias as a candidate to be promoted, full-time into the position you
outlined and with the additional responsibilities below.

Monica has been an outstanding support to the Direct Sales effort, both in
terms of consistently competent and proactive contributions but also in terms
of her enthusiastic "can-do" attitude. The position is a critical, integral
support and service function for the Enron SA site launch; Monica's applied
exposure to and experience with the personnel and content of the Direct Sales
initiatives will afford her and the group an efficient and timely transition
in line with the scheduled Oct 15th launch.

Propose that she report directly to you, Keith, and dotted to Joao Carlos
Guimaraes, Orlando or Jose.

Communication Coordinator/Content Manager: The PR offices in Argentina and
Brazil would be responsible for these tasks, which will entail two primary
responsibilities: (a) All web-generated inquiries will be received by the PR
office; they will be logged into an Excel database, and forwarded to the
appropriate office (commercial, PR, or HR) for a response. A monthly report
will be provided to senior management and Houston ESA PR. This system will
be centralized by virtue of having the PR office identified. (b) weekly
solicitation of identified commercial and regulatory groups for updated text
and developments, collecting, articulating and distriubting to key Enron
managers customer feedback, inputting information of closed transactions, and
communicating to key Enron managers update on the ongoing improvements to the

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